Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ruth's Handmade Flower

Sunday morning and the sun is out....lucky for us the cyclone has continued down the coast. Hoping that the cyclone stays off the coast and wears itself out as it is now a Catergory 5 which is scary. I finished the last of the Harry Potter series yesterday. So glad I made it to the end. I really enjoyed the first three books. The next three dragged on and I had to force myself to keep going in parts of the story. The last book was great and I couldn't read fast enough. Another thing that kept me busy yesterday was a little shopping trip with the family. So nice to spend some time with hubby, and two teenagers. Hence to say, I do not have a card to share with you today. However, I just have to share this link to my friend Ruth's blog as she has created a beautiful torn paper flower.

Enjoy and have a happy Sunday.


  1. Stay safe! We are in the middle of a snow storm. It was sixty degrees three dasys ago. Crazy weather everywhere. I love your cards. Sharon

  2. I've just added a link to your blog (at long last, on my behalf) and was checking it worked.... But thanks for the lovely comments. You have some lovely cards - yoyo flowers are great!!!


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