Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hi everyone, Some things I have been up to.

Hey everyone, I still exist, am very well (except for slight head cold at the moment) and enjoying life.    As always lately, I just can't fit it all in but what I am doing is fun.  Hoping your lives are full of fun too. Time to catch you up on the couple of crafting activities that I have done.  This card was for the Craftmad August swap which I actually finished on time.  The them was 'for the boys'.  I decided to go with a Male Thank You card in lieu of the regular birthday.  I saw a wonderful card over at Beccy's Place that I had to try and this is what I came up with.

Remember to visit our Craftmad Pinterest Board to see what all the other lovely ladies came up with for this theme and the one further below.  

Just another view.

My second card for the August swap.  Sailing boats always seem to be a big thing for males so I dug out some fabric and cut to shape then machine stitched to the card.  I thought I had some peel-off sea-gulls but they were no where to be found.  So I free hand cut the birds from scrap board.  I really love the end result of the card.

I spent a weekend making paper snowflakes for the high school ball that is coming up with a theme of  Winter Wonderland.  The junior years have spent a lesson creating some as well so should be a great display on the night.

Like true snowflakes - none of mine look the same. :-)

I made this card for friends daughter who recently turned 17.  Omg! 17, yes I have known her all her life.  I have fun using all my bling on this card and in real life has a real sparkle to it.

This me proving to my swap partner in August that I was working on her July swap cards.  So slack of me, I just did not get motivated with the theme but once I started I had a wonderful time.  

We had to make two cards using the above tic tac toe board.  The first card I created was the bee card which you see a peak of in the above photo however, I forgot to take a full photo so have asked my partner to take a photo for me.  When I have it I will share.  I used the top row of colours for that card - black, yellow and blue.  

My second card I used the second row of colours - green, red and purple.

This is my coloured image and the copics I used to colour it.  It was so relaxing and nice to sit at the end of a working day with calming music in the background.  I will have to do it more often.

A close up of the finished card with the gold glitter paint I sprayed for the nice finish.  

It's not ultra red, probably hinting more pink but the Copics were all from the R group.

Our local museum had the Tea Cosy Competition/Display.  Not as many entries this year however, amazing work by those who did enter.

These were the fun/novelty entries.

A couple of the non-traditional entries.  That is my friends tea cosy with the mice, she had such fun knitting it.

Here are a few more entries.  Surprisingly my pom pom tea cosy didn't get a place.  lol. :-) There is always next year.

Just saw this photo and thought it worth a share.  The passionfruit and paw paw are from our garden and this was tea one night.  Yum.

I have been doing lots of gardening and this weekend feel that everything is trim and ready for Spring and also ready for some mulch to be delivered this weekend.  So I will be out in the garden again.

We had visitors also.  My brother from USA was home for two weeks and my sister from south Queensland was home for one week during that time. 

We have had moments of relaxation.  My husband and our dog.

Me and my dog.

Well that brings you to now and now I have to run and get the salad ready for tea.  Thanks for stopping on by.  Bump into you again when I gather some more photos.  Take care.


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