Monday, July 27, 2015

Sewing Machine Gift Box

It took me almost a year but I finally made this wonderful sewing machine kit up that the amazing Kaye sent me last year in October.  I was waiting for just the perfect person to give it to and that time arrived in April.  I made this sewing machine up and gave it to Betty who volunteers at the local museum and celebrated another birthday in her 80's.  Betty loves to do draw, garden and sew.

Kaye, supplied me with everything for this wonderful creation, I just had to add tape, glue and handcut some of the tags and assemble.  Such fun. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sympathy Cards

Beginning of May was a sad time.  In a matter of a fortnight I attended two funerals.  One a young person who decided not to be with us anymore.  So tragic for the family. 

The second was for an incredible lady who passed away due to cancer just a week and a bit shy of her 46th birthday.  She fought hard and achieved a lot in her lifetime including two beautiful sons and left a devoted husband.

To create both of these cards I used one of my new embossing folders from Blue Edge Crafts - Darice Dandelion embossing folder.  The sentiment stamp is from my JustRite stamp set.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Craftmad Quilt Block Swap - May

The last of my three blocks for which I have used the block tutorial called "U Pick" for the Craftmad Quilt Block swaps.   This block was for Mrs A who asked for shades of pink, burgundy and cream. (background colour to be any one of those.)  Just love how each of the blocks (April, May and June) have turned out so different.  

Monday, July 20, 2015

Whitsunday Day 7 - 8

Day 7 - we left Tongue bay and motored down to Whitehaven Bay.  Took the dingy over to the beach for a walk……..

.....yes, perfect weather and scenery to celebrate our anniversary.

Me, going for a stroll.

Day 7 - after our walk along the beach we went back to our boat and then motored over to Chalkies Beach and had lunch.  Most of our trip we were travelling over a depth of 40 metres of water just before getting to Chalkies there is a huge hole as it went to just over 100 metres deep then very quickly it was less than 20 metres.  Our entire trip I was in awe of the early settlers who navigated their ways through the same waters without all the fantastic gadgets we had.

Day 7 - after lunch we headed back up to Betty's beach and Hill Inlet Lookout the top end of Whitehaven Bay……low tide this time.

Day 7 - that is our boat to the right by its lonesome.

Day 7 - then we headed back up to Whitehaven bay and anchored for the night and watched the sunset.  What a way to finish our trip…..look how flat the water was.  Amazing.

Day 7 - Sunset

Day 7 - Sunset…….champagne and Neil Diamond playing.

Day 8 - Sunrise the last morning of our holiday.  Water still as flat as a tack.

Day 8 and we are heading back in to Shute Harbour, past Lindeman Island.

Day 8 and past Hamilton Island. 

Thanks for visiting and leaving such lovely comments back to crafting posts for a little while now. 

If you missed my other posts on our Whitsunday holiday you can find them here.

Whitsunday Day 5 - 6

Day 5 - we decided to stay another day in Cid Harbour as the winds were still up.  Others decided to join us, this boat was huge.  We have researched since returning home and believe this belongs to a former Grand Prix motorcycle road racing World Champion.  If my husband had known at the time I am sure he would have taken our dinghy over for a visit. 

Day 5 - Since we had another day at Cid Harbour we thought we would do the second walk which was a lot quicker and flatter but still a very pretty view at the end.  

Day 5 - This is Dugong Bay as the name suggests you are meant to see Dugongs from time to time here.  None appeared while we were there.

Day 5 - our neighbours grew during the day… just over 60 boats.  Amazing how quiet it still was with so many people around us.  The anchor lights looks so pretty at night time.  Our photos later in the night were too blurry to share.

Day 6 - with this rainbow it just had to be a good day.  Was so tempting to motor on over and find that pot of gold. :-)

Day 6 and the winds had calmed down to 10 - 15 knots so we headed to Tongue Bay where the turtles literally frolicked in the sun.  There looked like four off in the distance, close enough to see but too far to take photos.  They would come up for a breath then roll from side to side getting a bit of sun before diving again.  We also had two large turtles near the boat that eluded us every time we had our camera ready but it was all good fun.

Day 6 - one of our neighbours in Tongue Bay.  A little quieter here only had about ten neighbours overnight.

Another visitor to the boat.

Day 6 - when the tide had come back in and the tourist boats had left we went ashore and took the short walk up to Hill Inlet Lookout.  What a view….yes, sand is that white and the water that blue.

Day 6 - We then headed down the other part of the track which takes you to Betty's Beach.  The sand is so soft and white.  In the shallow lagoons beside us we could see small sharks and sting rays like the one above.

Day 6 - Me on Betty's Beach at Whitehaven Island.

Off to sort the last two days of our wonderful trip.  Back soon.

Our other photos

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Whitsunday Holiday Day 1 - 4

The camera photos have been downloaded and sorted so now I can share just a few.
Day 1 - our first stop was Nara Inlet.

Day 1 - the showers came and went at Nara Inlet.

Day 2 - brings sunshine to Nara Inlet.

Day 2 - and we visited a little island directly opposite Hayman Island.

Day 2 - we stayed the night at Stonehaven.

Day 2 - our sunset view from Stonehaven

Day 3 - we snorkelled at Luncheon Bay.  One of my favourite memories of this trip.  Snorkelling back to the boat which was tied to the bouy furthest east.  Had to swim  over a deep area so I was a little paranoid of what I would see, was watching for these friendly bat fish….just a bit big for my liking.  Anyways, in front of me floats past a jellyfish about 10cm so I am busy thinking which way the current is flowing and I would go the opposite so that I would not run into it….next minute a turtle about 80cm - 1m swims right on past and gobbles up the jellyfish I was so worried about. Brilliant. 

Day 3 - the Bat fish were friendly.

Day 3 - the seagulls even dropped by to say hi!

Night of Day 3 we spent at Cateran Bay, Border Island.  (the winds and swell picked up a little at night and was a bit too rolly for me)

Day 3 - Sunset at Cateran Bay

Day 4 - we headed to Cid Harbour which is very sheltered as the winds were heading up to 20-25 knots.  One of our neighbours for the night. 

Day 4 - another neighbour…and here I was thinking the boat we were on was pretty big.  It was a baby compared to others.

Day - we decided to do the Whitsunday Peak walk.  Documented as a 4 hour return trip, we did it in 2 hours.  It is hard work though a lot of 'up' - 5km return.  The view was awesome at the top.  We were anchored just off the left of this photo.

Day 4 - turtles seem to be everywhere at Cid Harbour just out from Sawmill Beach.  Cheeky things would pop there head up for a breath and then soon as we had the camera ready they were gone. :-)  Kept us amused for a long time trying to capture a shot like this. 

I will share more photos tomorrow.  There are just too many to share in one post so I have broken it into three posts and even then there are so many more photos I would like to share.  Thanks for visiting.

Our other photos

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bendy Card - May Craftmad Swap

This time I read the instructions right on how to make a Bendy card and have the three different layers at the front of the card.  I was really liking the pink and green theme when making my two cards for the May Craftmad Swap.  I coloured these lovely flower images with my Copic Pens.  Attached these beautiful clear butterfly stickers (Sticker Store) to some pretty pink patterned paper and attached to the card with a couple of smaller butterflies.  Finished with a sentiment from the same Stampin Up stamp set as the flowers (Creative Elements). 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bendy Card- May Craftmad Card Swap

My first attempt of a Bendy Card for the May Craftmad Swap….view other wonderful creations here.  Another card that looks daunting to make but once you get into it it's really not that hard.  I found a tutorial on the internet….of course mucked up the cutting of the card so I have a small strip across the front….Merry's design.  :-)  I have used some lovely cherry or apple blossom stickers I was given.  Layered up a green silk flower, paper doily, pink die cut shape behind the flower sticker.  I used my new alphabet mold with my Stampin Up Simply Pressed Clay creating the H and B.  I then added a Happy Birthday sticker for the remainder of the word.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Our trip to the Whitsundays

Hi everyone, we are now back from our week holiday boating around the Whitsundays.  Info here.  This is where we celebrated our wedding anniversary all planned by my husband.  It was a lovely time, so peaceful and the weather was great for every location we stayed at.  I will share more photos later.  These are just from our phones which most of the time were out of range but still worked as cameras. :-) The other 800+ photos are still on our camera.  Yes, my husband likes to take a photo or two.

Our boat

Cid Harbour

Sunset west of Hayman Island

Nara Inlet

Cid Harbour

Whitehaven Beach

Toasting to our Wedding Anniversary

Last night at Whitehaven Beach

Sunset Whitehaven Beach

Sunrise Whitehaven Beach the morning we left.

Our camera photos:


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