Monday, July 20, 2015

Whitsunday Day 7 - 8

Day 7 - we left Tongue bay and motored down to Whitehaven Bay.  Took the dingy over to the beach for a walk……..

.....yes, perfect weather and scenery to celebrate our anniversary.

Me, going for a stroll.

Day 7 - after our walk along the beach we went back to our boat and then motored over to Chalkies Beach and had lunch.  Most of our trip we were travelling over a depth of 40 metres of water just before getting to Chalkies there is a huge hole as it went to just over 100 metres deep then very quickly it was less than 20 metres.  Our entire trip I was in awe of the early settlers who navigated their ways through the same waters without all the fantastic gadgets we had.

Day 7 - after lunch we headed back up to Betty's beach and Hill Inlet Lookout the top end of Whitehaven Bay……low tide this time.

Day 7 - that is our boat to the right by its lonesome.

Day 7 - then we headed back up to Whitehaven bay and anchored for the night and watched the sunset.  What a way to finish our trip…..look how flat the water was.  Amazing.

Day 7 - Sunset

Day 7 - Sunset…….champagne and Neil Diamond playing.

Day 8 - Sunrise the last morning of our holiday.  Water still as flat as a tack.

Day 8 and we are heading back in to Shute Harbour, past Lindeman Island.

Day 8 and past Hamilton Island. 

Thanks for visiting and leaving such lovely comments back to crafting posts for a little while now. 

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  1. Wow Merry, what a beautiful place, talk about paradise....enjoy...x

  2. Ihana paratiisi, kauniit kuvat ♥

  3. Gorgeous pictures! is this the same place you went last year?
    Love all of the pictures!!

    1. Thanks Michelle, last year we did a South Pacific cruise. All these island are off the coast of Queensland, Australia at the Whitsundays which lucky for us is a 7 hour drive away although it is the first time I have ever been there.

  4. Super photos Merry, such beautiful crystal clear seas and oh that sunset. Thanks for sharing.

    B x

  5. Such lovely pics and I love all the blue and the sea. Seems like a very calming and relazing holiday.



    1. Monica it was indeed a very relaxing holiday and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  6. Love the sunsets and sunrises, that heart on the beach is pretty special too.

  7. Beautiful photos Merry..Loz


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