Sunday, July 19, 2015

Whitsunday Holiday Day 1 - 4

The camera photos have been downloaded and sorted so now I can share just a few.
Day 1 - our first stop was Nara Inlet.

Day 1 - the showers came and went at Nara Inlet.

Day 2 - brings sunshine to Nara Inlet.

Day 2 - and we visited a little island directly opposite Hayman Island.

Day 2 - we stayed the night at Stonehaven.

Day 2 - our sunset view from Stonehaven

Day 3 - we snorkelled at Luncheon Bay.  One of my favourite memories of this trip.  Snorkelling back to the boat which was tied to the bouy furthest east.  Had to swim  over a deep area so I was a little paranoid of what I would see, was watching for these friendly bat fish….just a bit big for my liking.  Anyways, in front of me floats past a jellyfish about 10cm so I am busy thinking which way the current is flowing and I would go the opposite so that I would not run into it….next minute a turtle about 80cm - 1m swims right on past and gobbles up the jellyfish I was so worried about. Brilliant. 

Day 3 - the Bat fish were friendly.

Day 3 - the seagulls even dropped by to say hi!

Night of Day 3 we spent at Cateran Bay, Border Island.  (the winds and swell picked up a little at night and was a bit too rolly for me)

Day 3 - Sunset at Cateran Bay

Day 4 - we headed to Cid Harbour which is very sheltered as the winds were heading up to 20-25 knots.  One of our neighbours for the night. 

Day 4 - another neighbour…and here I was thinking the boat we were on was pretty big.  It was a baby compared to others.

Day - we decided to do the Whitsunday Peak walk.  Documented as a 4 hour return trip, we did it in 2 hours.  It is hard work though a lot of 'up' - 5km return.  The view was awesome at the top.  We were anchored just off the left of this photo.

Day 4 - turtles seem to be everywhere at Cid Harbour just out from Sawmill Beach.  Cheeky things would pop there head up for a breath and then soon as we had the camera ready they were gone. :-)  Kept us amused for a long time trying to capture a shot like this. 

I will share more photos tomorrow.  There are just too many to share in one post so I have broken it into three posts and even then there are so many more photos I would like to share.  Thanks for visiting.

Our other photos


  1. Beautiful! The water's color is amazing.

  2. Such awesome pics. Your hubby is a great photographer. Love the turtle's head popping out.

  3. Oh wow Wendy, these photos are brilliant - I so want to do this trip even more now

  4. I love all your sunset photos and wouldn't they make a lovely card! =0)


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