Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Surprise…. a month….. wow!!!!! What have I been up to?

I am surprised it has been a month since my last post…..I knew I had been busy but felt like it was only a couple of weeks.  I am now on two weeks holidays and hope to catch up a little.  Here are some photos to show you a little of what I have been doing.  The dog got a haircut,  :-)  He was not keen on looking at the camera but I had more patience than him. 

I have still been doing my 6am walks with friends on a Saturday morning.  Coffee stop half way.

Visited our son and girlfriend in Townsville, this is the view from their backyard.

Our trip back home from Townsville we stopped off at the Cardwell Range Lookout and saw this amazing view of Hinchinbrook Island. 

I flew to Brisbane for a weekend and spent the time with our daughter.  Fun girls weekend although a little wet.  Movies, food and catching up with a friend.  This was taken at Roma Street Parklands.

View from our daughter's balcony.  Well it was her balcony until yesterday when she moved house.  Guess I will just have to do another trip now.  ;-)

Yes, another Saturday morning walk.  Much darker these days at 6am.

Our son and his girlfriend stayed with us before flying to London for a couple of weeks.  We are enjoying the trip with them via Snapchat and occasionally a phone call via Messenger Facebook.  I say it all the time but "gotta love technology."

Monday was my first day of holidays which was showery and overcast.  Great time to drag out knitting needles I have not touched in about 20 years.  Decided to have a try at a knitted tea cosy this year for the annual Tea Cosy Competition held by the local museum. 

Later in the week now and the sun is shining the weather has cooled a little so I thought I would do a spot of trimming or rather hacking in the garden.  The bushes with flowers are safe at the moment. :-)

Throw work, housework and general life in the mixture that is where I have been for the past month.  I am hoping to catch up with everyones blogs soon.  Hope everything is well in your part of the world. :-)


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