Sunday, April 23, 2017

Royal Caribbean - Radiance of the Seas - New Zealand Pt 3 - Cardmaking

During the sea days I took myself off to the card making classes held by a wonderful lady named Carol Day who when not cruising runs a little business called 3D Art in Carselkdine near Brisbane Queensland.  Sadly she does not have a website or Facebook page otherwise I would share.  Just for the shear fact the amount of work she put into preparing each kit for us.  We literally had to sit and adhere everything together.   Actually this project above - the bon bon gift holder we had to cut four triangles, which were pre marked, in to the card stock to create the diamonds at the top to enable the bon bon to bend in.  Carol doesn't do a lot of cards when she is ashore with her group of ladies as she concentrates more on papertoles.  

Such a simple way to change the card by folding the front back on itself….I really like this design.  Yes, Carol had inked every one of those clouds for us.  Carol had made up 40 kits for every class - 160 clouds pre inked.  :-0

These cards were such fun to put together, it was nice to have an hour of sitting with like minded people and I am sure all our husbands enjoyed the peace and quiet too.  

We took over one of the pubs on the ship for and hour.  You can see my grey hair directly under the first L in QUILL. :-)

This was our final card of the cruise and what a way to finish.  Imagine, Carol sat and die cut 40 of each level and then had pushed out any of those fiddly bits that don't come out with the die.  Each layer of blue is adhered to a piece of vellum which is then attached with foam tape to a layer of white to give a shadowy effect.  The flowers were die cut and we pleated each leaf to give this terrific effect.  Yes, this would be my favourite.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

March Craftmad Card Swap - Drips and Spatters

March at Craftmad was all about Spatters and Drips another swap I really enjoyed.  I had two partners for this swap - the reason why there are two cards the same.

I googled as I always do and found this artwork by Popwheel Art I liked so had a go at making it into a card.  

Opinions please.  As I add the link to the artwork I saw on google, I am wondering if I have crossed that copyright line?  I have copied it as I loved the image I saw.  I quite often copy something that I google but normally they are cards and there are lots of the same style cards pop up in the search so therefore I feel I am adding to the collection and I always try and link back to the image I found.  This time though it is artwork and someone is trying to sell it. Curious.

To create the card I dug out some white card stock and my acrylic paints.  The greens and yellow I splattered with my paintbrush and then daubs of red, yellow and purple for the flowers.  Finish with a gold spritz.  I then layered up the cards with card stock that matched the flowers. Add black corners as this looked like artwork or a photo hence the signature in the corner.

I really love the end results of this card although it took me a lot of playing with my Copic ink refills and copic pens to get here.  I started with white gloss card which I coloured in strips in the colour of the rainbow with my Copic pens.  I then used the lightest of my two Copic pen ink refills to add drops to the inks, enjoyed watching the colours merge. Layered this all up on to glitter card stock and black card stock to make the rainbow colours pop.

So nice of you to visit, hoping you are having a lovely day.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Royal Caribbean - Radiance of the Seas - New Zealand Pt 2

Arrival into Auckland

Clock tower at University of Auckland

Just loved this tree at Albert Park Auckland

Our ship

Sky Tower Auckland.  My husband did the jump from the top……192m :-0  I calmly sat at the bottom and videoed the experience.  My husband was the talk of the cruise and he got to show off the video to a lot of people….we didn't come across any other crazy person that had done it on the entire cruise. :-)

Next stop was Tauranga where we hired a car and drove to Rotorua to spend the day with my old school friend and her husband.

My friend and her husband took us for a tour of all the beautiful lakes close to where they live….like literally on their doorsteps.  As we were going around they were saying to each other we should start coming back to these places.  We all do that don't we forget what we have right under our noses.

Another lake.

And yet another lake, all with extraordinary views.

On our car trip we saw lots of kiwi fruit farms.  

and rolling green hills which is New Zealand to me.

Sunset as we left Tauranga

This was our morning arrival into Wellington….living up to its name wet and windy.

We took the cable car to the top - Kilburn

Tram car tracks

View of Wellington from the top.

A different position of a view from the top.

Since we were up there we thought we would have a look at the botanic gardens.  I surprised how many flowers were still out since it was Autumn

I just liked the look of this tree, we did make it to a rose garden and had lunch in the cafe but all the photos are on my husbands camera but I can assure you the roses were very pretty.

After the Botanic Gardens were rode the tramcar back down to the shopping centre and wandered around for a little while.  Found Cuba Street which my husband had read in reviews before leaving it was the place to see….nope….we think the reviews were possibly 5 years old.  A lot of closed shops. The photo above is the view of Wellington as sailed out of the harbour.

More photos soon. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

February Craftmad Card Swap - create a background

Time to catch up on some cards I have made for the Craftmad Swaps.  I really enjoyed getting messy for these cards.  This card evolved from the Bee image which I had coloured about a year ago.  To create the background I started with gloss card then added drips of the two Copic ink refills that I have until they covered the gloss card stock.  I then dug out some bubble wrap and inked it up and stamped it on to the yellow background, finished with a spritz of gold ink which you can't really see in the photo.  Found a strip on yellow vellum to put behind the image so that I didn't lose sight of all the background.

This card I used three stampin up coloured ink pads and inked up the end of a pen then proceeded to stamp dots on the card stock.  I machine stitched around the edge and die cut a flower and leaf from matching coloured card stock.

A closer view of my inked up pen.

Thanks for passing on by.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Royal Caribbean Cruise - Radiance of the Seas - New Zealand Pt1

We have just returned from a fantastic cruise of New Zealand.  Both my husband and I have been to New Zealand a number of times and love the place although it has been a long time in between visits when we sat a worked it all out.  Approx 20 years for both of us. :-0  We splurged a lot and booked a suite which was very comfortable although I think a balcony cabin will suffice in future.  This is our view of Sydney Harbour from our room.  We booked this cruise mid 2016 and so the weekend before the cruise and Cyclone Debbie pops up we were constantly watching the weather.  Thankfully for us we managed to stay one step in front of her.  Debbie didn't hit Cairns but she cause lots of damage in the Whitsundays with her winds and then continued down the coast with flooding, she then travelled all the way to New Zealand and caused flooding in places we had just seen the day before.  As it was the plane flight to Sydney to catch the cruise we had to fly out west to fly around her.

This was the weather and view for two sea days.

Spoilt with flash chocolates.

View of the Atrium from our floor level.

Looking back up from floor of Atrium

First stop was Bay of Islands we pulled into Waitangi and tendered to Piahia.  We then caught a ferry over to Russell which was New Zealand's first capital.  This is the bay in Russell……I think I could happily retire here.

This is a little coffee shop that is attached to the oldest printery of New Zealand.  We did a tour of the printery but the photos are still on my husbands camera.  All photos I am sharing I took on our tablet… lucky you don't have to sit through the other hundreds of photos. :-)

How lucky was I, my husband did't agree.  First port of call and find a craft market.  Lovely works inside.

Our view for lunch…..again, I could retire here.

Just love this sign with the succulents and rusted iron.

How amazing is this, all the cushions were crossed stitch with a different picture on each.  All pews in the church had them.

Christ Church the oldest church in New Zealand.

Thanks for visiting.  I have decided to break down the photos into a couple of posts as I wanted to share lots. :-)  So more to come tomorrow.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter and a quick trip to Karumba

Happy Easter everyone, I hope the day goes as you plan.  A nice quiet day at home for myself and husband as we returned earlier this week from a two week cruise of New Zealand.  I will share photos soon.  Yesterday, I returned from a two day trip to Karumba in the of Gulf Carpentaria.  My little brother drove all the way and we spread Dad's ashes at a lovely little weir just north of Normanton.  Dad was a sales rep at one stage and used to travel out there frequently, we also visited on a few family camping trips too.  My brother now does trips up this way often so he can give Dad a wave as he passes on by.

I just love this scenery as to me this is what Australia is although I have never lived in such an area.

This is an 8 hour trip Gordonvale to Karumba and these days it bitumen all the way.  There is about 100km left of this single lane strip. 

There were lilies everywhere as well as bird life which was too hard to capture in a photo while driving. We saw loads of wildlife while driving to and from and of course when I got the camera out it all disappeared.  Snakes, hawks, wedge tail eagle, pee wees, brolgas, spoon bill herons, willy wagtails, galahs, corella's, jabirus, ground parrots, wallabies and to top it off a turtle crossing the road. :-)

Dads final resting place.

Karumba Sunset

Norman River at Karumba


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