Saturday, March 14, 2009


Last Tuesday, I headed out to the shops with some photos to print so I could fill our frames with friends and family. Also the plan of colour co-ordinating our lounge room for a change. We have had a suede mocha coloured lounge for about six months now and we have been draping an old ratty light blue flannelette blanket on it. As we live in the tropics we tend to have sweaty bodies on the lounge at a little proctection. The cushions we had were ones that I hand embroidered a couple of years ago and they are starting to wear thin and the inserts are out of shape. So I found a lovely throw for the lounge in maroon and rust colours. Cushions....omg! the price. They started at $25.00 each and then they were for decoration. Which is no good for as we actually want to use them for rest our heads on. They had buttons and lumps all over them that it wouldn't be a comfortable spot to put your head. As I can sew I just couldn't pay that. My photos were almost developed and I had already been walking around for 2 hours so I didn't want to hop in the car and drive to Spotlight for material. So while in Big W getting the cushion inserts I picked up a lovely tablecloth to use for the cushions. Now I have five cushions for $38.00. I happily spent what I had saved on a skirt and shirt for me! :-)

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  1. Lovely! You are just so clever Merry! What a great idea!


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