Friday, October 5, 2012


I was wondering what I could post on my blog today as I have no cards to share.    I then remembered visiting my friend Stacie's blog yesterday.  Stacie had received a Sunshine Award - very well deserved.  Part of the award is to answer ten simple questions.  One on the questions is what is your favourite flower.  Well Stacie's is Mimosa....I found this a little amusing as we have a variety of Mimosa growing in our yard.  Here it is known as sensitive weed (because of the leaves that close when touched) or prickles (because of the sharp thorns on the stems).  So I have just been out to take a photo of what is growing our neighbours empty block.  The few in our yard are not so large so don't have flowers.  It is still early morning here and that is why the flowers are a little dewy. I like to google so found this bit of info about the plant.  Mimosa pudica apparently from tropical areas of America introduced to Australia as a curiosity plant in the garden but it escaped and now thrives along the Queensland coast.

Well thats me for another week wishing you all a fantastic weekend and I hope to have something new to share on Monday. :-)


  1. Those are unusual and pretty! We don't have those down here I don't think!

  2. What pretty flowers on these touch me nots... thanks for sharing.

    Monica xxx

  3. Hmmm, I think I used the wrong link on my blog ... need to do some more research! I love how I'm always learning something new on your blog!

  4. I agree so well deserved for Stacie!!
    Love the pictures of the flowers and sharing a bit about them. I never realized what those were called? Very pretty flowers!

  5. How pretty Merry, loved this post.xx

  6. Very interesting plant/weed. Love the pink flower. Wishing you a fab weekend.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  7. very pretty pictures! We've had some frost here in Iowa but we still have the mums and marigolds hanging in there :)


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