Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Marigolds and Pegs

Hubby has been out with the camera again.  One day a few months ago I de-headed some marigolds at the local museum I volunteer out. Brought the dead flowers home and threw them in our vegi garden to help get rid of the nematodes which keep getting into my tomatoes.  These are some of the marigolds that came up aren't they beautiful.  They are almost tennis ball size flowers.  If you click on the flower you will get a larger version and should see the little native bee buzzing around near the base of the bud on the left.

Here the native bee has landed.....what a feast for him.

Another bug watching or trying to hide.

Lily....not sure on name.

Orchid again not sure on name.

View from our back verandah one evening as the sun set.

Here hubby is trying out a new technique that our son had just shown him.  Our peg basket with all colours showing.

Do something to the camera and tadah!.....it only picks up the reds.

Another click and now it only picks up blues.  How clever is that.

Well that is it for me today, have a good one.


  1. Gorgeous photos, if only we had the heat to germinate flowers like that here... Thanks for all your visits and lovely comments. Meant to ask - do you get CM& P magazine "down under" or was it sent to you from the UK? Ruth x

  2. those are some big marigold. I missed seeing flowers on my yard. The quarrel ate everything I planted so I gave up.

  3. okay you drew me in with the "& Pegs" bit hehe! your photos are great - and that Orchid's gotta be called "Giraffe" doesn't it!! It sure looks like one :)

  4. A great selection of photos Merry, I often find it hard to get my head round the opposite ends of our countries season wise.

    B x

  5. Such pretty mariegolds and the orchids and lilies as well. How clever with those pics.


  6. Gorgeous Photo's Merry thank you for sharing them it takes the horrible weather we have been having away from my thoughts having seen these although we have a lovely sunny day today l have just taken the heads of my Marigolds to seed for next years flowers! great colour code for your pegs too! have a lovely day x

  7. Such pretty flowers! Neat camera trick too!

  8. Wonderful pictures, that must be some fancy camera you have there! Thanks for sharing :) x

  9. Awesome snaps. Love the sunset photo.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.


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