Friday, October 12, 2012

Craftmad's First Meet Up

The long weekend at the start of October was the first ever meet up for six of the Craftmad ladies.  I had great plans of attending but Touch Footy changed the annual Townsville competition (that our daughter has attended for many years) from November to the long weekend in October.  doh!  

Yes, I was disappointed that I would not get to meet these lovely ladies in the flesh after chatting to them for many years in the Craftmad forum.  So I set to and crafted a little bit of me that I could send to them and feel like I was somewhat part of it.  Now I must say this is not the most flattering photo and the outfit I would never wear again. lol

I asked my daughter to draw an outline around my body which I cut out.  I sat in front of the computer and took my photo and added that to the cut out.   I decided to create shorts and singlet which I live in all the time.  I created the outfit by glueing on lots of pictures that my Mum had collected over many years from magazines, calendars and brochures.  The singlet is made up of flower images and the shorts animal images.  I am looking decidedly pale in this photo. :-) Apparently I sat in on a lot of the cardmaking and enjoyed some cake they forgot to take me shopping though. 

To keep themselves busy everyone had brought along a papercreaft kit for everyone participating.  I was surprised to receive some leftover kits in the mail yesterday and of course had to play.  I created this beautiful card from a kit that Jan had made up.  Love the die frame....will have to look into that.

Please check out the Craftmad  Meet Up album to see more of the wonderful projects they created and to see some faces.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I will catch up Monday with hopefully some more completed kits. :-)


  1. Great idea Merry ;-) I do hope there is another one next year - I am already working on a plan ;-)

  2. How fun and fab is that! Too Cool!

    Love the card and the paper cut out you!

  3. OMG, how creative is that... And your card is so pretty and the flower adds much charm to it.

    Monica xxx

  4. Love your picture!
    What a fun idea to use pictures and cut them out to add for your outfit! Very clever!!
    That card is gorgeous!!

  5. Shame you didn't get to go but you did enter into the spirit of things. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. l do like your friend sat on the chair or is that you Merry?!! beautiful card so elegant too! x

  7. what a gorgeous card! love the frame too.

  8. So funny! What a great idea - fancy them forgetting to take you shopping though! Love the card you have crated with the kit. I have that frame - just arrived after a long lag time so have not had time to play yet - looks like it has been double cut - the frame with a smaller square die inside it - fiddly work! Great outcome.

  9. LOL! Hilarious cutout idea! I bet they were surprised to get this funny version of you! Gorgeous card!!


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