Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brother's Birthday

It was my baby brother's birthday yesterday and this is the card I made for him.  I initially thought of colouring a image to put on a card but just didn't have the right thing in my collection.  So googled for some inspiration and saw a pinwheel.  I have been wanting to have a go at one of these for ages so that is how the card came about. 

My brother turned 35, he is much much younger than me.  His daughters (8 and 6) are of an age now that they really get age and have been giving their Dad (my brother) and their Mum a hard time about how old they are now.  My brother and his wife have their birthdays exactly one week apart.  So this time next week I should be showing you a card for her.  Anyways the kids are asking their parents what it was like 'back in the olden days'. lol  Scary thing is that these kids could talk to my daughter (16) and say the same thing 'like back in the olden days when there were tapes and videos' as they just have not grown up with these.  Scary!

Okay, enough rambling the card I started with Stampin Up Garden Green and then used papers from the Bazzill Dino-Mite range.  I ran the blue cardstock for the belly band through my Stampin Up Lattice embossing folder.  The sentiment is a rub-on and I thought just fitting for what my brother is going through at this moment.  On the inside I have added a pocket on each side to hold the scratchies/lottery tickets that I give to him.  Finished with another rub-on sentiment.

So happy today to you all. :-)


  1. Very beautiful card!
    Love how you decorated the inside of the card!!
    Love the pinwheel!

  2. Used to make these pine wheeels as kids at school and pin them to a drinking straw, then see who could make theirs go round the longest time blowing on them. That was a long long time ago. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Just love everything about this. Wishing you a wonderful Thursday.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  4. this is brilliant Merry, I like the design.
    Kevin xx

  5. Wonderful card. I love the design and the colours.

  6. Very cool card with awesome inside. Great colour combo. And those things about your brother's kids made me laugh... these kids are from a different generation and just as we don't understand them, they don't understand us. There are so many mothers in school who are struggling in school to bond with their kids... our times were so different from theirs and their times are so different from ours. Guess, we just gotta go with them... so that they don't feel we are olden as well not just our time. Lol.

  7. You still have Garden green? Love that colour. What a great card and love the story with it!

  8. Great card...your pinwheel looks perfect! Oh my gosh...I catch myself saying...when I was such and such age we did or didn't have....blah, blah, blah! I'm young but sometimes feel so old with how fast the world is changing!!


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