Friday, October 26, 2012

Christmas Tags

Aren't these such fun tags. These were once again in kit form from Ruth who attended the recent Craftmad get together.  I just love Santa and Mrs Clause such a simple tag to embellish but so effective. The papers on the top two tags are just beautiful and I love the die that has been used along the bottom of the second tag.  Ruth sent an extra couple of strips of that same pattern using different papers.  So then you can swap the ornaments around and have different colours.  How clever.  Now the best bit of these tags are the rosette flowers.  I have made a couple of these over time.  Starting with marking a strip of paper using a pencil and ruler and then going over with a embossing tool.  Recently I bought the score board from Stampin Up and it was brilliant as I didn't have to measure anything just use the lines on the scoreboard.  But using either of these techniques I still found it a little difficult to fold/concertina the strip.  These strips were cut out by a Tim Holtz die and they have a perforated line where you fold.....oh so easy.  Another die that has jumped to the top of my 'need' list. :-)

Another week done.  I hope next week will not be quite so exciting as this one.  My little 6yo niece broke her ankle when the chain on their swing snapped. Mum was standing right beside her and had just looked away.  Then yesterday my sister gets a phone call from her hubby who works out in west Queensland.  He says 'just an update I have just rolled the ute three times'.  Scary stuff as he was in the middle of no where by himself.  Thankfully, they carry satellite phones and he was well enough to call back to his site then ring my sister.  Two more good things, he was wearing his seatbelt and the vehicles have roll cages.  The road he was travelling on was a well maintained dirt road but has lots of small pebbles on the side. He has caught them and slid, hit a small ditch which had him rolling.  He ended up with a dislocated shoulder, stayed overnight in hospital and is feeling like has been through a blender this morning.  Technology played a wonderful part yesterday.  The fact that my sister could talk to him even though he was hours away, also that he was able to contact someone that he had had the accident and not have to wait until someone noticed he was missing and lastly that I could chat to my sister to help her stop her thinking about every worse scenario even though we are at the other ends of the state. 

Well thanks for visiting....have a great weekend and I will catch you on Monday.


  1. Your tags are gorgeous Merry, I hope all is well with your brother in law and that your niece recovers well.
    Kevin xx

  2. love the Santa and Mrs Claus tags!! They're a great idea Merry! We've not had any broken bones from the kids yet - but I know there eventually will be! Your poor little niece, I broke my ankle rollerblading when I was 12 - and it hurt like hell!! Worse thing is it still plays up with the weather etc...
    Glad your BIL okay, not hard at all to roll vehicles on those outback roads. Have a great wkd :)

  3. So sorry what happened to your family and so glad they are ok. Hope they heal quickly!
    Love your tags so beautiful and creative!!
    Love the Santa tags so creative and so clever!!

  4. To to love Mr and Mrs Claus tags! So glad to hear your brother-in-law is as well as can be expected, not much fun rolling a vehicle, did that myself many years ago and walked away. Makes you count your blessings! Sending a huge cyber hug to your niece poor little thing hope she is not in to much pain, have a lovely weekend, take careX)

  5. Hi Merry Oh wow these are awesome!! x

  6. Ya ,Merry your tags are fabulous ! I am really thankful that you took time to visit my blog and leave such lovely comments.

  7. Fantastic Tags Merry.. Glad your Sisters Husband is OK.. The 4WD looks horrible..Loz

  8. awesome tags, I love those!

  9. Hope your niece is recovering quickly and thank goodness your BIL is okay...looks like a nasty wreck!


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