Friday, January 8, 2010

A bit of Warmth for Ikki and Swap work

Last night as I went to get the clothes off the line I was wondering why our dog stopped and looked up the tree.

Had a closer look and spied these cheeky Lorikeets all hanging upside down and feeding on the palm flowers. So thought this could be my bit of warmth that I could send to Eileen over at Ikki's Cuttlebug Cupboard and anyone else who needs a little warmth at the moment.

Yep, they were keeping a watchful eye on us too.

I haven't got a complete card to share with you today. Instead a photo of two projects I am working on for our December/January Sewing and Card Swaps over at Craftmad. Even managed to blur the photo to make it more mysterious .... lol. Have a great day.


  1. Aw Lorikeets are so awesome!

    Thanks for Sharing, I can never get enough of seeing animals!

  2. Beautiful birds!! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs Nilla

  3. Thanks for your warm thoughts and for the warm feeling you gave me! The pictures are brilliant! I also love your snail - very creative use of your circles - can I post on my blog as an idea for others? Eileen x

  4. Hiya, thanks for your permission to post. I have now added your "Snail" to my Friday Follower's Gallery - something new in the Cupboard. I have yet to sort out a slide-show because my PC is still playing up, but will do so asap. But you will be the first! Thanks again, Eileen

  5. Pretty pictures of the birds! Oh I sure could use the warmth!! My nose is frosty! :)

  6. What a treat those birds were! Very cheeky :)

  7. What a fantastic picture! It's so lovely to see photos of wildlife in your part of the world.
    Love Sarita xx

  8. Fantastic photos.When I saw the white palm flowers ,for a moment I thought it was snow!!
    By the way I almost got stuck in the snow on the way to post your stamp order this morning! Australia sounds so inviting in this weather,Ruth x


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