Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day and RAK

Morning everyone, well it is Tuesday, 26th January which means Australia Day. A day to celebrate living in Australia. We are joining a lot of other Aussies today with a few friends over and having a barbie. Now if you are vegetarian please skip the next sentence. On the BBQ we will be having beef sausages, lamb, kangaroo and crocodile. Ok.....start reading again now. :-) Dessert is a yummy mango and passionfruit cheesecake. Now the weather could have been a little better, it is a steady shower all day I think. Oh well, we have plenty of undercover area and because it's raining it means our seasonal creek is flowing enough for the kids to go for a swim.

Now I have been very spoilt by the lovely Stacie (Crafty_Princess) over at All Things Crafty. I just had to share this wonderful surprise that I received in the mail yesterday from her. Just remembered there was even more. There are some lovely papers hidden in her cute watermelon seed spitting bunny card. :-) Yes, her package just arrived in time for me yesterday as it held the perfect piece of background paper for my the card in my last post. Oh and thanks to Stacie....I now own to Copic pens. :-) Thanks so much Stacie. Check out this wonderful Valentines Card that Stacie created.


  1. Hi Merry, this is a great post - very interesting. I'm not a veggie so I read all and wondered what croc tastes like?
    Love your parcel - great goodies. AND copics! I have just acquired some promarkers and struggling with the technique.
    I have adjusted my post to answer your queries. Thanks for alerting me, this tutorial was difficult to make simple and sometimes you forget the obvious! The tan mat is the secret to stopping the cutting, and the die has to be cut up to stop the cutting of the magnetic mat.
    Happy Australia Day - enjoy your barbie. Hope there are no crocs in the creek! ikki

  2. Wonderful Goodies, way to go!

  3. So happy you like all your goodies! :) Enjoy your barbie today!! I have had all but kangaroo and really want to try that someday!!


  4. wonderful goodies!
    would love to hear what you think of the copics!
    have fun with the BBQ!

  5. Happy Australia Day! What a great and generouse stash you've received. Look forward to seeing some projects on your blog using it as I pop over from time to time.

    Paula x x x

  6. Hi Merry although I am in the UK I have had kangaroo and croc over here - very tasty!
    love your gifts - what a great RAK - Happy Australia Day.

  7. You lucky girl :) wasn't it a strange day yesterday, poured in the morning, (even the SES was called out) and then sunshine in the arvo. Hope you got some crafting done :)


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