Monday, January 4, 2010

A4 Sheet Box - Christmas Box

Morning everyone, a lady contacted me re: my Christmas Box that I posted here asking for instructions. I thought I had a sheet as Ruth from over at Stampin 4 Fun with Ruth showed us how to do this box at Stampin Up night. I couldn't find my instructions so I pulled apart the box I had and came up with this as a template. Can't wait to see everyone's creations.

You will need an A4 sheet of card or thick paper. Along the length of the page you need to emboss fold lines 3.5cm and 11.5 cm in from each end. Now on the width of the paper you need to emboss fold lines every 7cm. These are the lead grey lines on my template.

Next are the cutlines which are marked in red on my template. You will be cutting a 'T' shape. Measuring from each corner along the length of the card measure 5.7 cm. Now cut from this mark down to the nearest 7cm embossed line. To finish the 'T' cut along the 7cm embossed line in that second square section only. It will help if you look at the next picture to see where I have folded up the cut area. If you need any help please just email me.

Now that you have embossed all the fold lines and cut the cutlines....go around and fold along all the fold lines. Folding everything inwards. If you would like to stamp the outside of the box now is a good time. So turn over and randomly stamp the outside.

The above picture shows which areas to add your double sided tape to to create the cover for the box. I have only used a little double sided tape in this demo just to give you an idea of where it goes. Then you pull those top flaps around to sit neatly on the first square.

You should now have a shape like this.

Now attach the tape for the box. Note that one lot of tape is on the outside of the box.

Pull the sides up and adhere. Tadah! you have a box.


  1. Hi dear how are you?
    Beautiful blog,just pass for wish you a happy new year,with all my love...Laura.

  2. super tutorial,
    thanks for sharing
    Hope your having a super new year,
    you deserve the best one yet,

  3. Wow Merry. You make it seem so easy in your fantastic instructions. Thanks so much for your efforts.

    Kylie xo

  4. WOW! awesome Merry!!!

  5. Wow, I have missed some gorgeous creations here while gone! Thanks for the instructions, will have a go! Hugs Nilla and I wish you a happy 2010!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing Merry, I'm a box person so will definately be giving this a go.

    Happy New Year.

    B x

  7. Love this and thanks for sharing with us,must have ago at one of thes.x


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