Thursday, July 1, 2010

WOYDW and Goodies Pack

Morning everyone, thought that I would take part in the WOYDW (What's on your Desk Wednesday).  Plus thought I would show how much my crafting has spread since April.  April I had to move all my crafting goodies here as we had to shuffle rooms for our Japanese Exchange Student.
So the above picture is as I first moved into my little corner in April.

Now the 1st day of July this is what my little corner looks like.  You will see I have been spreading.  There is now a pile on the lounge...some on the floor, more on the bookcase and I have even spread to behind me and the little round table.  Oops!  Only 12 more days and I have my room back.  Yay!!!

This is a collection of goodies that I won from the wonderful Brenda-Lea over at 'The Purple Lady' blog.  Brenda-Lea had a 29 day giveaway...just for the sake of giving away.  How generous is that.  The white cards in the photo have hearts embossed all the way around the edge.  Can't wait to get started on some cards with these.  Aren't the earrings cute that she has made.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone.


  1. LOL! I can't keep my stuff in one spot trickles all over the house! And some wonderful goodies you have received!! Enjoy!

  2. welcome to WOYWW! oh yes, it will spread everywhere, trust me I know, and the umm Japanese Exchange Student? have you found her yet??? (might be stuck behind the sofa!)

  3. Hi Merry, I think you've been very restrained keeping your crafting necessities to a minimum,Lol! I can well imagine how relieved you will be to be back in your proper space.

    Thank you for your visit to my blog. I ought to say that somehow Mr Linky 'linked' to the wrong post and has been sending everyone to a post I did several weeks ago instead of yesterday's post. I discovered this last night and have relinked and asked Julia if there's any way she can remove the old link but never mind, I'll make sure next weeks is linked correctly.

    Have a lovely day on the opposite side of the world!
    Lesley Xx

  4. bet you cant wait for your own space, i have to wait 2 months and I have a room !!! so excited I am and so jealous of the crafters that have there own little spaces

    its good to spread around though isnt it

    big hugs
    judie xx

  5. Lovely to see how your love of crafting is spreading...I'm sure it will get worse....I mean better :-)
    A x

  6. It is incredibly difficult not to spread isn't it..and for goodness's sake once your sitting at it and in the zone, you need stuff around you!! You won't know yourself when the student leaves your romm!

  7. lookin good! My stuff can get pretty scattered, too :)
    Greatblog :)


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