Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Slider Card

Morning everyone,  I have been visiting Crafts U Print for a little bit now looking at all the fantastic sheets that are available.  I am not normally a decoupage or paper tole person but they have so many fun variations that I took the plunge and bought a couple of sheets.  This one is 'One Year Older and another  inch higher .... ref# cup48056_203.

You push the tab at the bottom that says 'Another Year Older' and his trousers raise up.  I am hoping this will one day happen to my son as he wears his so low.  But maybe not quite so high as the end result.  :-)

I think the bit I don't like about decoupage is the cutting out.  I love the putting together.  I have layered this one up and added some Dimensional Magic to the balloons to make them shine.  Also attached some cotton as the string for the balloons.

The link below will take you over to Crafts U Print.


  1. how funny is that, awesome idea. I've heard a lot about craftsuprint, I should check it out!

    Have a great day!!!

  2. LOL! This is great!! Love how the trousers raise up!! HEHE!

  3. Fabulous card, love the balloons that are popping up! Hope yopu are well! Hugs Nilla

  4. Dear Merry,
    I am very slow with the
    reply sorry.
    We've moved and there had much to be done.
    How are you now ?
    It's quite hot here and this evening it's even hotter..Football will be seen ;o)
    Thanks for your lovely comment. I miss you already
    I wish you a nice evening,Merry
    Many hugs
    your Swaani

  5. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrryyyy... I forget say how beautiful your card is ;o))

    Great Work,Merry

    Swaani ;o))


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