Friday, July 23, 2010

Night Time Owl Cards

Here are the last of my owls....for now anyway.  :-)  I thought these needed a nighttime background.  So I have used black card for my base card and then added SU design paper to the bottom section and hidden the top of the paper with black ribbon.  I cut out a white circle with my spellbinders to create a moon in the background.  Once again cut all the different shapes from my scraps.  I think this is what I enjoy most about paper crafting....get the most out of every little piece of paper.  Printed the greeting out on my computer and layered it up on black card.

Have a wonderful day everyone.  We are on the start of our long weekend due to a show (fair) holiday.


  1. These are lovely and such fun Merry. Like the one with the purple glitter wings below.

  2. Just loving these owl cards Merry. I like how you changed this one up with the creative background. Well done!
    Hope you're well.

    Hugs, Kylie ox

  3. Owls are my favorite birds ,you can give then such expressive faces.They are all so cute.Will have to give them a try and use up all my scraps. My poodle made me smile but I don't think I will be doing anymore drawing lol.Have a great weekend.


  4. Great owls! And good idea with the night background!

  5. These are cool too!!!

    LOVE EM!!!!

  6. These owl cards are soooo clever, and must have be fun to make. Thanks for dropping by - when you make that butterfly card - share it with me pleased. Hope you are well. ikki x

  7. I am not really a bird person,
    BUT these owls are cute, eye catching and gorgeous,
    Thanks for the lovely comments,
    Have a great weekend,

  8. OMG your owl cards are so them all!!!

  9. Hi Merry

    Meldust and meltdust paper can be bought from
    I'm sure she ships internationally.

    hugs Linbyx

  10. Oh I just checked and she doesn't appear to have any right now - here is another one


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