Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fairy Flower and Glitter Flourish Books

Hi everyone, I missed yesterday as my teenage son who has been moved into the computer room while we have our exchange student stay....has decided it's great sleeping in on school holidays.  :-(  So there was no time before we rushed out and spent the day crafting with two other ladies.  Well I crafted and the two girls spent time with the other kids that were their.  Nana (Japanese exchange student) got to see sugar cane right up close and even had a taste...too sweet she says.

Well I have finished two more books.  The papers once again are from the Once Upon a Time scrapbook pad I received in a giveaway from Thearica over at Pigtales and Quilts.  I haven't added any beading to the ribbons this time as I think the papers are pretty enough.


  1. too awesome, these totally rock!

  2. So beautiful! Your son sounds like me....hehe! I love sleeping in when I can! And sugar cane!! Oh is addicting!! When I was on vacation one time I had it fresh and I was hooked!!!

  3. Good morning Merry..!! the book is just beautifull.!! the japanesse binding looks great and so pretty..!!!! and the papers.. so sweet..!

    Beautifull experience with the exchange students.. if you where not so far away I'll love to send you my childen..!!

    In spain we don't have much possibility to taste the sugar cane, I try it for the first time in Jamaica is yummy..!!! best regards and as allways.. !! all my compliments for your beautifull and wonderfull work.!!

  4. Oh my, I have that to come soon my 3 boys finish school on the 22nd July till the beginning of Sept.
    But they don't sleep in my craft area luckily,
    Adorable book,

  5. Oh my!! Your book is awesome!! I love it!! It is always nice to see people use the things you give away on your blog. :)

  6. This is beautiful and that sheer ribbon gorgeous!!! Must say I like to sleep in too,I think it is all those late nights I have!!

  7. What a beautiful work. So well finished. The ribbon, the bow, the paper, so perfect combined. JUST PERFECT!

  8. Hi Merry, sorry not to have got back to you sooner about Craftrak but I have been away on holiday - will blog it tomorrow hopefully.
    The craftrak cards are great fun, the only thing for you would be the postage as most of us are in England, there is a lady in Aus who just gave a lot of cards to friend coming to the UK to post when she gets here! they are A7 so make up very fast and great for scraps.
    Love these books you have been doing, you seem to have done so much whilst I have been away, all of it lovely. glad you enjoyed Nana's stay and so great you got her crafting.


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