Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Open Flag

I have been trying to create an Open flag for our local Museum 'The Mulgrave Settlers Museum', as we are down in the back corner of town directly opposite the mill.  The current signage they have at the moment is a wooden Open sign that is close to the building and you can see if you are driving past.  But if you are visiting the town or even a local you don't tend to drive down the street that we are on as people tend to think it mill property.  So I started out wanting to make a teardrop flag that I have seen in the car yards etc.  I could find an appropriate pole to use that would bend and hold the weight of the flag.  

So went for this flag option.  I bought a length (2.7m)  of PVC piping and an elbow joint.  Cut off 50cm for the top section of the flag.  The flag is made from a material that could be used in a spray jacket or shower curtain....don't know what they call it.  Which hemmed all the way round.  I then printed out Outline letters on the computer to spell out the word OPEN.  Cut these letters out to create a stencil.  Then used my new spouncer and painted the letters.  Yesterday, with hammer and block of wood in tow I hammered another slightly bigger piece of PVC piping into the ground.  It was only 50cm long but wider.  This will remain in the garden bed continually so that we can just slot the flag in and out.  

When I showed hubby he said the lettering is wrong way which they are if you are looking from town.  I did try to figure out the best way to paint the words on.  Didn't think of the wind direction being the deciding point which hubby pointed out.  That a majority of time it blows from the north.  Luckily I have a second flag ready to go and will just paint the letters the opposite way.  

Anyways, hoping this flag will catch someones attention.


  1. great idea!!!

    wow that is super creative, we are getting into building stuff now!!!


  2. I think you've done an amazing job figuring all the details out. Well done Merry!
    Love your new look blog too.

    Hugs Kylie xo

  3. Hi Merry

    You are always so busy making all sorts of different projects,I only have time to make a few cards.My time mangement is not very good.I'm guessing it's good to get your craftroom back now your visitor has gone.I love the 'Get Well Soon' card with the Organic Grace leaves and you stmpin Up bird is so cute.

    Last Wednesday one of my husbands work collegues had a minor heart attack,he's 47 same as my hubby.Makes you think ,you never know when your time will come. Sad but true.

    Well on that somber note have a great week ,thanks for stopping by.I will try the Pineapple/Zuchini bread, sounds yummy.

  4. Great flag! Never would of thought about which way the wind blows!

  5. fabulous,
    I don't think it matters about the letters as long as they can see it, and this is nice a proud and clear.


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