Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Soft Toy and Pencil Case

Morning everyone!  Today I have a soft toy that I made with a little inspiration from 'Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife'.  I saw her toys and thought I really don't need a pattern just make any shape I like.  So I have made this toy smallish about 30cm long and very simple as I didn't want to add buttons and so forth which could fall off and be swallowed.  I kept it small so that a small person would not have problems carrying him around.  The whole reason the this project is our June Sewing Swap over at Craftmad.  We have each made a soft toy to swap with one another and then we are going to release it in to the world in our towns.  We are doing this release and keeping a track of our toy through the Toy Society.

Here is a blurb from the Toy Society:

The Toy Society is a world-wide collective of toy makers – of varying skill levels– who make toys and leave them as gifts for perfect strangers.

The project was started in Australia in June 2008 by a local crafter, Bianca, as an attempt to create a ‘something for nothing’ experience for anyone who discovered a toy.

What started as a small personal project has now spread around the world and become known as a Random Act of Craft.

There are more than 2500 members throughout the world who have collectively gifted more than 1200 lovingly handmade toys to perfect strangers since the project began.

When a member leaves a toy gift it’s called a “Toy Drop” and is posted here on the blog and assigned a drop number.

Each toy is safely sealed, with a note to the finder, inside a press seal bag – to protect from the elements. The toy is then left to be found with a tag attached inviting the finder to “Take Me Home I’m Yours”.

Finders are invited, but not expected, to let The Toy Society know they have found a toy, and these notes are also posted here on the blog. But it’s not expected to hear back from finders; The Toy Society is about giving someone something and expecting absolutely nothing in return, which is a real rarity these days.

Drops and finds can be tracked on the blog, either in numerical order as they are posted, or by country tags (see left column) or by themes (also see left column). The blog is maintained by a team of volunteers from around the world.

Membership of The Toy Society is open to anyone, who wants to contribute and believes in the spirit of the project, and is easily attained by completing a brief sign up form on the blog (see left column on the main page.

Crafters of all levels are welcome to participate – even beginners and kids.

Just wanted to show the lovely pencil case I received for the April Sewing Swap over at Craftmad.  I just love the material that has been used.  Such a wonderful quality and pattern.


  1. oh those are great, love the toy, and the pencils case!

    That Toy Society is awesome, what a great idea, I just saw one for Flip Flops too;

  2. Merry, tomorow a am giving another class to a girl who wants to learn to do those wallets you liked. I will try to make photos (tutorial) so you can see them. Have a nice day.

  3. I love the idea of the toys!! Great work! Also love the pattern of the pencil case!

  4. Oh how cute is that little toy and love the pencil case!!!

  5. I love the simplicity of your toy! I also love the idea behind "The toy Society" of sharing the love!


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