Sunday, June 13, 2010

No cardmaking at the moment but other projects underway.

I haven't made any cards at all in the past week and a half.... :-0 Having the one extra person in the household certainly does knock the routine. I have been working on some new journals that are planned to go on sale at the newly revamped Bookbinders in the second hand book section. So that has kept me busy....just remembering how to create a book and doing it here from home rather than in the bindery. Amazing how we crafters can improvise. :-) I am at the stage of punching the holes down the side of the journal so that I can thread the ribbon through. The small drill bit that I used to use at the bindery broke ages ago. So I tried my leather punch last night and put too much pressure on it and it broke. Mind you this is waaaaay old as it is one that Mum passed on to me and I remember her using it when I was a kid. I think the power drill is coming out today.

Another reason for no cards this past week or so is that the weather is just so lovely you can't help but be outside. So the gardens are getting a little TLC.

Something else that has kept my little brain busy is thinking of a way to make those flag/banners that you see in the car yards. On a bendy stick which seems to be pulled over at the top. I am thinking of using some the bamboo from out the front and bought some wonderful bright material (like spray jacket material). I want to make these so we can use them at the local museum to hopefully attract attention. We are located way down the back of town across from the sugar mill and if people look that way all they see is sugar mill and a building that looks like maybe a hall. So the little white Open sign behind bushes isn't doing a thing.

Well thats where I am at at the moment. Have a good weekend all.


  1. Hi Merry

    I am so pleasd someone has some decent weather, all of Eaurop seems to be dull and cold and it's meant to be mid summer here.

    B x

  2. Merry, looking forward to see those new proyects. Regarding your question on the tutorial, I do not know any tutorial but I shall look for one...I love finding things along the web...I shall advice you. Regards and thank you very much for your comments.

  3. Hey! I have been wondering what you have been up to...sounds like you are keeping busy with projects! Would love to see the journals when they are finished! Also noticed you changed your blog and wanted to mention that there is a part on the left that overlaps what you write in the middle so I can't read some words...not sure if that is the same for everyone or not?
    Anyways thought you would want to know. Take care and hope to see a project posted soon! :)


  4. nice to hear you have had some lovely weather - we are getting really cold down here in Adelaide ;-)
    am off to the craft fair today and hope to catch up with CraftMad gals Mandy & Beth.
    bye for now, Cathy, xxx

  5. It's been hot and humid here. Yuck! You have been a busy gal, Love your idea for the museum! Sure hope it helps to bring people in. Enjoy the great weather.


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