Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blue Book

Finally managed to finish a book. I have another three on the go and hope to finish them this coming week. I have really enjoyed being able to create a book again. So much fun seeing pieces of chipboard, pad of paper, ribbon, eyelets and design paper emerge into a book.

Fingers crossed I should be visiting a little more regularly. The last month has definitely been full on. Started with me having to do Jury Duty for four weeks which ended last week. Last time I was called up the kids were much younger and I used them as an excuse to get out of jury duty. However, this time they are much older and I just could not come up with a legit reason to be excused. I managed to get empanelled twice during my four week stint. First case 1 1/2 days and second case 3 1/2 days. Definitely an interesting experience which I am glad I had the chance to do. This does not mean that I will be volunteering quickly again to do it and happy if that is my one and only chance. :-) Very nerve racking and intense (listening to the facts and making the final decision).

Kids are now on two weeks school holidays.....Yay! No more assignments and complaining that there is too much to do as they left it until the last possible day to start. Also all the study for the exams last week are over and done with.

The last incident to send my life into chaos. Hubby who cycles to work each day was hit by a car who didn't give way when merging from a side road to the highway. Thankfully and luckily, hubby doesn't have any broken bones or head injuries. Managed a deep scrape on his knee and elbow. However, he is very very sore from internal bruising around his rib cage/pelvic area. He has had the last week and a bit off work a he just can't sit for a long period of time and bending his very sore work even though he is taking painkillers. The doctors have xrayed and ct scanned him and couldn't see anything. So it is apparently all bruising and will take time to heal. For other cyclists out there....WEAR YOUR husband did and I definitely think this saved him either serious head injuries or even life. The helmet has the hugest crack on the lefthand forehead side of the helmet. Looking at his head there is a small scratch. I am so glad that it is the helmet with the crack.

Last night I hosted a Stampin Up workshop at my house with my good friend Ruth doing the cardmaking. Such a wonderful and relaxing night creating and catching up with friends. So yes, I have another card to show you tomorrow. :-) Also bought some goodies so will have something new to play with in a weeks time. That has to be good for the old mojo.


  1. Hi Merry, first I am so glad your hubby is o.k. you know what I mean, give him my regards! Love the book, hope to have a go at one of these one day lol! Don't envy you the jury duty, nerve racking I would say! Enjoy the school hols, take careX:)

  2. a beautiful book! a lovely keepsake!

    wow definitely very lucky to have the crack in his helmet, not on his head! Hope he feels better!

    I wouldnt want to do Jury Duty either!

  3. Hi Wendy, it's great to hear that your hubby wasn't seriously hurt but I'm sorry he is in such pain. Hope he mends soon.
    The book is beautiful, gorgeous ribbon.
    I'd love to include your cards made with my images in a gallery, so if you like, just let me know, Ruth x

  4. This book is GORGEOUS!!! Also glad to hear nothing seriously wrong with hubby! I'm sure you were all so scared so thank goodness he is okay!!
    I have never been on jury duty...I would like to just once for the experience but I don't want it to last 4 weeks!!

    Take care!

  5. The book great!! But better that your son is o.k.


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