Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crazy Quilt Needle Case and Kookaburra

Hi everyone, I have finished one of my needle case. I have so much fun doing all the embroidery stitches on these. Even added some lace and ribbon. I learnt something as well ...... my cuttlebug cuts felt and material. Have seen hints of this on this blogs but never thought to give it a go. On the weekend though, I did give it a try and the cuttlebug with the Spellbinder Nestabilities cuts through the felt so easily. Now my flowers will be unlimited. :-)

Flower up and close.

Inside of the needlecase

This guy came to check out what my daughter and I were talking about in the craft room. I can't believe how close he was to us and didn't even fly off as I got up to get the camera. This would be about 2 metres away.

Isn't he lovely. :-)


  1. You've done an amazing job of the needle case. I love browns and you learnt something new at the same time! Now I know too! Thanks ;)

    Kylie ox

  2. ooh.. lovely needle case!!
    Wow - I would never have thought to try felt or material in the cuttlebug.. FUN!!

  3. Lovely Kookaburra, I love seeing animals!

    and I adore that crazy quilt needle holder, very fun!!

  4. Hi Merry

    What beautiful needlework and I adore the colours and blend of patterns.

    Thanks for sharing the picture of the Kookaburra,never seen one ion the flesh, but look a similar size to the green woodpecker pair living in our gardens. They have become very tame and come quite close at times.

    B x

  5. OH WOW this is beautiful,love the fabric and what a fabulous idea!!!

  6. felt in the cuttlebug - who'd have known!

  7. Great work on the needlecase! I have cut an old T-shirt in my cuttlebug but not felt...will have to try that now also!

    And the birdie is lovely!!

  8. Ohhhh, my beloved Kookaburra's... When my hubby and I were in Australia, I always freaked out when I heard them. What a pitty that they don't exist here in Switzerland. Well, like this I have another good excuse to go again to Down Under! *lol*

    BIG hugs and I wish you "happy Easter"

  9. Saw this fantastic bird at the Zoo in Sydney, just been there! Love all your work I have missed! The case is awesome! Hugs Nilla

  10. Love your needle case! Must keep an eye out for a "cuttlebug" whatever they are they sound like an embellisher's dream.

    PS: Please send that gorgeous Kookaburra down to SA we need some fresh breeding stock. Or failing that could we please have some water? lol

  11. Oh, I LOVE your needle case, the colours & texture look amazing. And so special to see a Kookaburra, lucky you! :)


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