Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boy Birthday Card and My Birthday Cards

Hi everyone, a little late today. I have been out doing driving lessons with my son. He is getting so much better. :-) This card is for my nephew who will turn 12 at the end of April. I think I am very safe posting a photo of the card now as I don't think his Aunty's card blog is top of the list of things he visits. Another reason for this card is to slot into the 'Male' theme I have set for the Craftmad Weekly Inspiration Challenge. I have used black leather craft card for the base card. Then a layer of lovely denim coloured metallic paper from Blue Edge Crafts. A triangle of paper that I received for my birthday. Wonderful paper as it already has adhesive on the back. I added three split pins in the top left corner. A strip of neutral paper that I also received for my birthday topped with lovely ribbon from Blue Edge Crafts. The image (Pip Chillin' from A Passion for Stamps) I have coloured with my watercolour pencils and then pin pricked around the edge.
Here the remainder of my beautiful handmade birthday cards I received. This lovely card came from my dear friend Helen. She has used the terrific SU Lovely as a Tree set.

This beautiful card came from Mandy over at Blue Edge Crafts. Are the colours pretty and such a cute bird image....which I have in my collection and should dig out and use.

A blue card from my wonderful friend Helene. Such lovely paper and great used of those border stickers.

Lastly, and never least this card from my friend Joy who always apologises for not been crafty and creating a card. I think she is very crafty/arty as she takes these fantastic photos and adds them to cards with appropriated sayings. This wonderful group of ladies were sitting on a bench in Italy minding their own business and Joy saw a photo opportunity ...... I wouldn't. lol Her photo is brilliant and she says this will be our group of five friends in much later years. We have know each other since school which we left ....... eeek 30 years ago. OmG!!! I should not have worked that out. Joy thinks I am represented by the lady on the far right.


  1. WOW fabulous colouring,a perfect card for your nephew!!! Lucky you,the cards you recieved are beautiful!!

  2. Wow! Awesome card for your nephew! Love it! Great cards you've received And that card from your friend Joy is precious!

  3. I think your friend Joy's card is great. It puts a different spin on card making and I love it.
    You have certainly been busy and I love the card for your Nephew. These are definately our kids these days!!

    Kylie xo

  4. great cards. love the photo one from your friend very creative.

  5. Fab card Merry. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Love seeing all the great cards you received from your friends,
    Love Sarita xx

  6. Hi Merry,

    Your cards are awesome! The first would be perfect for my Grandson's birthday. I also put you on my blogroll.,


  7. Great card for you nephew and your brave with your sons driving lessons!! :)

    Great cards you have received...absolutely adore the picture of the 5 ladies!! Reminds me of my mom and the ladies she hangs out with...there are 5 of them also!


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