Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wedding Card and Gardening

I created this Wedding card yesterday when the computer thought I should not be online. I used a Bazzil Bling Card for the base card. Rose patterned vellum along the bottom with a 'Congratulations' sticker greeting and a wavy clear glitter sticker border along the top edge of the vellum. For the topper I used my first ever inchie which I created for the Black and White theme (I originally posted here) over at Craftmad. I covered the inchie in a piece of sheer material which has gold flecks through it. Layered in onto Gold jak paper and rose patterned vellum.

After the card making I had some breakfast. Computer still wouldn't let me online to see what everyone had created so I decided it was a beautiful day and headed outside to tidy up four of our gardens. Totally enjoyed it. The photos below were taken by my 13yo daughter......her version of gardening. :-)

This photo shows an orchid that has decided to grow in one of our bottlebrush trees. Don't you love surprises in nature.
Orchid up close.
Bottlebrush flower up close. Beautiful...the lorikeets, honey eaters and Cairns Birdwing butterflies were totally enjoying them.

My daughter found a friend..... not!!!
Had to share this as Scruff is once again too cute.....this is his version of gardening.....running around like a mad chook.


  1. Your design is fab for a wedding card!

  2. Stunning,love the gorgeous Vellum!!!

  3. such elegance,
    lovely photos as well,

  4. Love the card!! I have a wedding coming up soon (Oct.) ...might have to give those inchies a try. Especially LOVE the rose vellum!
    Wish I had Orchids at my house...instead I have alot of weeds...LOL! Maybe once we get our new house built then I can have lovely flowers!

  5. Love your card! Such a gentle feel to it!

    I do indeed love surprises in nature! I love that bottlebrush flower. I've never seen one. Love the unusual in the garden! I wonder if I can grow those around here....Hmm...have to check that out! Great photos!

  6. fabulous card and wonderful pics


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