Saturday, August 29, 2009

Creating a Hyperlink

Craft_Princess asked me how do I put a hyperlink in my posts. So I thought I would share a link on how to do it here. I was going to right it out here but I can not figure how to show you the code with out it turning into a

So if you Click Here you will find a great explanation on how to do this.

If you have any problems please ask away and I will try to answer or I will find someone who can answer.

Just remember to type the HTML code exactly as they have without any extra spaces, don't forget the equal signs or quote signs.....because it just won't work. Been there done that. Have fun!!!!


  1. Thanks Merry, i have tried and tried to link my cards with no success, I will give this a go...I am always happy when I see "Mr Linky" as this is much easier...Hugs Avril xxx

  2. I DID IT!!! Thank you soooooooo much!!! You rock!!!



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