Saturday, August 22, 2009

Selling Cards????

Morning everyone, sorry no photos this morning as my daughter is keeping me too busy to get to the craft desk. Yesterday was school athletics followed by Touch Footy at night time. Today it's setting up and working in the kitchen for the Guides Cent Sale. This is our biggest fundraiser for the year...huge day but everyone has a good time.

I had a question from Donna in Kansas and was wondering if anyone visiting could help out with ideas. If you could just post a comment with you ideas that would be wonderful. Thanks so much.

Donna enjoys creating cards as I am now aware by blogging that lots of people in this world love to do. Donna was wondering how to go about selling cards?

For me....I have had success on eBay but nothing to live off. Enough to cover the costs of the materials that went into the cards, not the time. That makes me happy though because then I can go out and buy more materials and start all over again. :-) I have tried markets and they are a bit hit and miss I think. Just depends on the weather and the people that wander on through. Our last lot of markets were brilliant and now I am keen to try again. Our (myself and two friends) first three tries were a bit disappointing with us selling about two cards each. I also sell my cards at Craft Auctions which has free listings. But I find it a bit like the markets...lots of people looking and then going home and creating the ideas themselves. Hey!, I am guilty of that myself. Another place I have sold cards is in a friends small bookshop. I see a lot of people use Etsy!

So any tips for Donna or me for that matter much appreciated.


  1. Hiya
    I am same as you, with ebay make enough to cover the cost of the materials but not the time, a friend of mine who is not in uk, goes to her local hair salon, and they sell them for her,
    But I have found out our local market we can have a stall there, and there are things like farmers markets which have a minimal fee for having a stall, or even boot fairs.
    Hope this helps,

  2. Thanks for taking the time to answer Angie...muchly appreciated. Might check out the hairdressers next time I am there.


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