Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wildflower Waterfall Card

Hi there, I went missing in action yesterday. I had to head into town (Cairns) to run a few errands for everyone. Today a bit of gardening has been getting done but the weather is warming up right now so time to stay indoors for a little while. Thought I would have another go at a Waterfall Card...again with the Wildflowers. I think they are so pretty and would love a garden full of them.

This time too, I have a second photo to hopefully show how the waterfall card works. When you pull the ribbon this flips the top three images up and reveals the 'Best Wishes' tab below. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Don't you love that.....clicked on the spellchecker and it came back with no mistakes. :-)
Lucky they don't have a grammer checker.......


  1. So pretty! Love waterfall cards! I love the images you used! My hubby keeps talking of carving out a spot here for just wildflowers. I like the idea. Maybe next Spring.

  2. Hi dear i have an award for you in my blog..Laura.


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