Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Puppy

Just had to share......the last two days I keep an eye on Scruff when out in the yard and then my attention lapses for a split second and he is gone. He has had fun because he comes back smiling and very pleased with himself. Covered in seeds. Yesterday he had a bath, today a comb, and tomorrow he is just not going out of the house. I must admit though his smile is just beautiful.


  1. Oh my gad ,it´s so so cute ,Hi only visiing your beautiful blog..Hugs Laura

  2. Awww....he is adorable, even full of burrs and such! they do love their runs! Jubal, our lab, runs right to any standing water and comes back muddy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I look forward to seeing your PICK 3 creation!

  3. Oh, he's so cute!!! I have a Bichon and it's the exact same story- I clean him and it take... oh... 2.5 seconds for him to be dirty. So no outside for him!! :-)

  4. Merry he is beautiful, my cats come in daily with "Sticky Willies" don't know if you get them in Aussie, but they are a nightmare and stick everywhere......I wish I knew where they get them from, as I would just go out and cut it out.....LOL. Love your dog, he looks so cute....Hugs Avril xxxx


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