Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun day at the Markets

Finally a markets that we came away from feeling satisfied. Yes, we sold more than one card We always have a lot of lookers but not many buyers but yesterday they were in a nice mood. I must admit I am guilty of just looking and sucking up ideas and going home to create. We set up at 7am and finished at 5pm. Then there was Grand Parade of about ten floats....not huge but because they are all locals on the back of trucks fun to stand and wave to everyone you know. Then we had something to eat and hung around for the fireworks at 8.30pm.....a brilliant show. I haven't sat and watched fireworks since the kids were much fun to watch the colours erupt in the sky. Kids enjoyed them too. My head is still spinning as my daughters Guide unit were operating a small kids merry-go-round there. I volunteered for a couple of stints and after operating the merry-go-round for about a half hour each time ended up with a sea sick stomach. My head today, feels like I have been out in the boat on the reef all day. Don't think I will be creating cards this morning. Have a great Sunday everyone.


  1. That's great that you did well in the selling dept. I had a lady looking at one of my purses say, oh I could make that for half the price and then started asking me for instructions. I really had to take a deep breath and keep smiling.LOL Sharon

  2. Well done's one thing to look at items and gather ideas but another to tell the person selling them how to create them.


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