Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Bamboo is Buzzing and Flowers are out.

Please click on the photos to see a larger image.......sorry I forgot to change the size thingy.
This is the reason my camera came out to the garden with me. I spied it under the ferns...I love little surprises like this when gardening. Aren't orchids amazing just growing all by themselves and then sharing a wonderful flower.

This is where I have been working at raking up leaves and other bits and pieces. This is our bamboo a clumping variety. Our bamboo is literally humming at the moment which I have not known it to do before. I didn't really think of bamboo having a flower but it is in full bloom and the bees are busy.
This feather part of the bamboo is the flower...nothing spectacular but the bees are loving it.
If you squint and stand on one leg you can see a bee near the arrow. Tried to get more but me and the camera are not that good.

Since I had the camera out I thought I would share some other flowers around the house. We have two and a bit more weeks before it is Spring here but it always tends to arrive at this time of year. A bit confusing actually. The flowers are out for Spring....the weather feels like it is on the edge of Summer and the leaves are falling like you see in Autumn in other parts of the world. This is one of our bottlebrush trees which the bees are also loving but they have to share this with honey eaters and lorikeets.

This is one of my ground orchids with a new azalea in the background.


  1. Thank you for sharing such beauty with us,

  2. Oh Merry, you are so blessed for living in a beautiful area! I enjoyed your blog and thanks for being one of my wonderful followers.


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