Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still crocheting and making pincushions

Morning everyone, I am still packaging up my crocheted flowers. Also have four more little pincushions half made. I will take a photo of everything closer to the end of the week. It is amazing how much time is needed to finish a project off and package the items up ready for sale.

This morning I came in and saw a lovely comment from a lady called Fran.....so I had to off and check out her blog 'Just a Cuttin' Up' . So glad I did...Fran has some wonderful cards on her blog. Fran mentioned that her daughter had a crocheting blog. So, since I am crocheting flowers at the moment I thought I would have a sticky beak.....well ...... this crocheting is just perfect. Fran's daughters name is Claire be sure to check out her works of art at 'By Hooks 4U'.

I am off to do a bit more gardening at the moment.....weather is beautiful. Our bamboo is shedding leaves like there is no tomorrow. aaaaggggh! 7 wheelbarrow loads last week and today 5.

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