Saturday, August 1, 2009

Flower Arrangement and Welding

1st Prize!!!!!! :-)

Today I thought I would show off what my kids have been up to. This morning in Gordonvale we have the monthly crafts and fruit/vegetable markets. Then at midday is the the annual Gordonvale All Saints Flower Show. On display will be flower displays and plants, fruit and vegies from the local gardens, school work, artwork, quilts and other crafts. My 13yo daughter has been entering the student floral displays the last couple of years and done quite well for herself. So yesterday arvo we went and raided Nan's garden and this is the display she will be entering this year. She even made the little house from sticks, bark and a hot glue gun.

My 15yo has been doing work experience this last week. He was working at a Custom Boat Building company which constructs boats from 5m - 10m. They got him welding which he has never done before and he love. The plate with the tube attached was his first attempt ever. Then yesterday he came home with the money box at the top. Now he should really save some money with this as there is only a slot at the top and no hole at the bottom. I don't think it will be easily smashed open. Although our son enjoyed the work experience he has decided that school is easier and that he not yet quite ready to join the workforce. The up at 6am to start at 7am really did knock him by the end of the week.


  1. Both are brilliant,

  2. Hi Merry, such great talented kids!
    I bet you are so very proud!

  3. Beautiful, Beautiful! Hugs Nilla

  4. Fabulous creations and congratulations on first prize!!!


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