Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pin Cushion, Birthday Inchies, Crocheted Flowers

Morning everyone, I have another pin cushion to add to my case you can't tell I am having fun creating these little pieces.

Also finished off four birthday inchies for the weekly inchie challenge over at Craftmad. This is another small project I am enjoying creating. I have had a collection of scraps sitting on my desk as I card make and now I have found a use for them. I have used a Cornflake packet to create the inchies 1 inch x 1 inch, covered them in coloured paper. Then added the paper punched balloons with a little embroidery thread, a scrap of pretty card for the present and embroidery thread, punched holes become great decoration with the wonderful wavy glitter sticker, the pink inchie I stamped the background with versa mark and a stamp from the SU Fun Filled set and added cut out letters.

Another project. I have been seeing crochet flowers on cards and thought to look for a pattern. I am not brilliant at crochet and have to hang my tongue out of my mouth and talk to myself as I crochet. But it is something different to do. I found a wonderful tutorial over at Capture the Moment.

The top row are my first flowers which I tried in wool.....too big. Next I tried embroidery thread very tiny but very pretty. Then I gave it a couple of weeks break and borrowed a couple of books from the library as I was getting so confused as to what sc and sl were and then dc and tr. So after reading the kids instructions I started again making some flowers out of those books. Love how they turned out but are just a little too big. So thought I would go back to the original pattern last night as I really liked the look of that flower. So the second last row I started on last night and for the life of me I could not figure out why my flowers weren't turning out. Until I got to number five flower I realised I was reading the pattern wrong duh! I was reading sc, dc, actually reads sc, 3dc, sc....... as you can tell by the last three flowers it works when you read the pattern correctly.
Any tips on how to finish off the flowers .....get rid of the ends very much appreciated.


  1. Fabulous creations Merry,I am not even game enough to crochet.....yours look fantastic!!!

  2. What fun inchies! Love the crochet flowers too....


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