Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rome - St Stephen's Day or Boxing Day Part Two

Theatre of Marcellus.
Completed in 11BC could hold 11000 spectators.

Sorry can't remember what this place was called...but it was just as awesome as everywhere else.

This is the  'Roman Fourm' the central place of Rome.  A marketplace, a place for speeches ect.

Now this I had to see....Trevi Fountain......we have a jigsaw with this image on which I had been telling the kids.  No of course they couldn't remember it....I finally dug it out today.  The picture on the jigsaw is darker and browner that this.  Yes, we each through our penny in. :-)

Spanish Steps.  I am sure you have seen these in a few movies.
They are called the Spanish Steps as the Spanish paid for them.....quite simple hey.

A street that we would have love to venture into but didn't have the time.  Just as well as we wouldn't be able to afford anything any of these shops.  Prada, Versace...etc...

The Pantheon.   
Commissioned as a temple to all gods of Ancient Rome.
Construction finished in 126AD

The dome atop the Pantheon.
Apparently the diameter of the dome equals the distance from the floor to the top of the dome.  Yes, if you had two of these domes they would form a perfect circle or ball.  Nothing covers the dome so rain, hail and shine comes on through.  Luckily they have a lovely marble floor below and apparently not much comes through.

Yes, we made it to the Vatican.  St Peter's Square with St Peter's Basillica in the background.

Now this is a beautiful Nativity scene.

Residence of the Pope.

To finish our day in Rome we were taken to a wonderful lookout.  
What an amazing view.

This is what our daughter saw from the lookout. :-)

I saw these trees all over Italy....apparently called Umbrella Firs.


  1. oooooh Rome is exquisite!!!

    You are so giving me the travel bug Merry! totally gorgeous to see!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. Oh yes, I so remember all those places! I LOVED Trevi Fountain....minus the bozo bugging me to buy stuff! LOL! And they had an awesome gelato place right there with TONS of flavors. Did you know Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married not far from the Spanish Steps? We could see the church from the top of the steps! A fun fact for ya! We were there right after that and they had dishes named after the couple at restaurants. Too funny! I couldn't afford anything like the Versace or Prada either....I actually about fell over when I saw prices!!! First time I had ever been that close to such expensive material items!

  3. More amazing architecture and beautiful scenery, this is sure going to be one holiday you will not forget! Take CareX:)


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