Sunday, January 16, 2011

Old Rhodes with a touch of New Rhodes

Old Town Rhodes....what a beautiful day we had here.  I don't like to go swimming much but the water here looked so enticing.  So clear.  Although we still had our jumpers on so must have been about 12C...the water looked so inviting.   

Yes, this is a living Medieval Town....behind these ancient walls that belonged to the Knights of St John is so much history.  Also these days...lots of cafes and tourist shops.  Apparently about 6000 people live and work here.

The arch way is where we entered the town.

This is what we spied old and new together.

Love all these alleyways and again the cobblestone lanes are just amazing.  Still think that our kids could sit and do this to our driveway.

A clock tower that hubby spied.

Isn't this just an amazing artwork.  I'd say it was painted here to ward off any 'Evil Eye Curses'.

One of the many walls of this fortress.  Notice the dead palm in the front.  Apparently a small beetle has come into Greece and is attacking all their date palms.  One day the palms look alive and well and next they are like this.  What a shame.

The moat area.  Those little round balls..that are not so little are catapult balls.  Love to know how they made them so perfectly round.

The moat from the other side.

Now we are having a quick wander through New Rhodes along the harbour and spied this church.  I saw people going in and out but thought we could skip this as we had seen a couple of churches already and this really was quite plain.  But then saw some more people come out and thought what the hey!

So glad we did venture in..........isn't this amazing.   The chandeliers alone are awesome but the artwork is terrific.

A photo taken by hubby.  Later in the day hubby and friends hubby left us to do some shopping while they went for a wander over to the lighthouse to see what was over there.

More of the cobblestone......still in awe at the time that it must have taken to do all these streets, lane ways etc.  Even the guy in this photo is checking them out as he walks.

Now for those that know me pretty well they will realise why hubby just had to take this photo.  We did get to try out a any of these meals but did sit and have some Baklava and coffee....yum!!!

This is what the boys spied on their wander to the lighthouse.

Yes, we noticed cats everywhere.  Its seems Greece has cats and Italy small dogs.

The boys came back through the fortress area and found the way down into the moat area.  

Catapult Balls.
So how do they get them so round?

Just love this shot taken by our daughter.

The end of the day back on board the ship and looking over at old town Rhodes where we have just wander for 4 hours.  

Definitely a place we will return as I have heard that Lindos just up the road is stunning.  As to are some other beach areas.


  1. the architecture is beautiful to see!

    Greece is definitely on my list now!!!

  2. Oh wow! Didn't realize Greece was so cool....LOVE the moat and the buildings are so beautiful! Will have to go there someday!


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