Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our overgrown yard.

Morning all, thought I would start by showing your photos of our overgrown yard.  Our poor dog could not use much of the yard as most of it has weeds with seed heads that get stuck in his fur.  Down the back where the two frangapani trees stand we have an easement that runs in to a creek.   Well this has been flowing well while we have been away and still continues.  Only thing is it brings lots of debris from other peoples yards.  So we have lots of raking to do.

This is our front yard

This is the remnants of the flooding caused by Cyclone Tasha.  Since it happened 25th December everyone is on holidays to do any cleaning up.  Plus we have been away and would normally have been down to push most of it into the creek.

The other side of the bridges.  Can you see the couple of thick logs wedged in under the railing.

A beautiful photo our son took from our backyard.

We actually had a little sunshine yesterday and our son jumped on the mower.  Not sure if the yard looks any better yet as it was so high there are clumps of cut grass and clumps of grass he missed.  Also, of course the belt has come off the cutting deck......so about a third of the yard is undone.  We will get there though.  Doesn't sound like it is raining now.  So we may just have a chance today to clear up a lot of debris around the place.

I went through our holiday photos yesterday.  2148.......are you ready. lol

Have a good day.


  1. OMG Merry that is one huge backyard I cannot see anything overgrown it looks awesome my little doggy would love to be let loose there, lol. Talking of back yards, I went to check on my frogs this morning just to see how they were doing after this very cold weather, they were all dead, I had six altogether the cold was just to much for them I feel quite sad about it. I have spent so long building ponds for them. I hope that when the Spring arrives I will get some new ones come visit.
    Lorraine x

  2. Hi Merry

    I'm not offended by your guess ,I could have just put names in a hat for my give away. I'm assuming your trip to Egypt was to Cairo to visit the museum.It is always busy and a day trip is never enough.

  3. Hi! I was wondering how you guys were getting on down there... we have moved 'up the hill' and very happily settled in Tolga... So still around just not as close :) Lauren x

  4. gosh Merry, what devastation - how awful for you. Thank you for your greeting on my blog, and i wish Happy New Year to you and your family, plus health, wealth and happiness aplenty xx

  5. Your yard looks awesome, how I would love to stroll down there!

    Sorry about the yard work that needs doing tho, hope its an easy fix!

    LOL, Thats a LOT of photos, you will have to get scrapping Merry, have you ever scrapped? methinks you gotta start!!!

  6. Fantastic back yard, sure looks like you are going to have some clearing up to do, hope the rain stays away for a while. Your holiday sounds Amazing all those places, can't wait to see the photos but maybe not all 2148 of them lol! WIshing you a fantastic 2011, take careX:)

  7. oh gosh.. where you live is gorgeous! if I ever make it up that far I'm coming to camp on your lawn!
    Crazy weather - well, it is cyclone season but even down here hot/cold, hot/cold... we were going to visit friends in Emerald - um.. maybe not! need a houseboat not a caravan lol!
    Glad you had a great trip, good luck with the clean up ♥

  8. Hi Merry,
    Welcome home! We sure have had a lot of rain! Your back yard looks beautiful. What a lovely place you live in. Good luck with the lawn mowing...dont get me started on lawn mowers...we had all sorts of trouble with ours but my hubby fixed it all and it works beautifully now.
    Alicia xx

  9. Looks like a super yard to me!! Not like my little back garden!! I hope the floods do not cause you any harm. Ruth x

  10. Hi Merry

    I am so pleased to hear you had a good holiday I wondered about you several times over the Chrismtas period and wondered whre you were that day.

    But so sorry to see the devestation you have from the floods. We have had updates on UK TV, but am never sure who loves quite where adn how they mauy be affected.

    I hope it all gets sorted soon, I guess it's just a matter of taking it step by step.

    B x

  11. Frangipangi! How I'd love to be able to grow that! Happy New Year, Merry. Hope you dry out quickly! That flooding sounds terrible.

  12. That is alot of debris to clean up....would not want to slave away at that! But I must say all the greenery looks beautiful! I am a sucker for lush green grass and trees! :)
    Only 2,148 pics?? Your slacking! LOL!

  13. Hi Merry,
    Your yard looks awesome, not overgrown to me, but of course I am not there and you know what you like. Than you for the very kind commnets on my blog. You sure know how to lift up my spirits.
    God Bless

  14. Thanks God you and your family are ok,happy new year...Laura.

  15. Your yard does look like a great size!! Sorry that you have lots of cleaning up to do.. thinking of you!!

  16. Oh my goodness, Wendy, your yard and area are GORGEOUS!! I dream of living in a place like that! *sigh* Maybe minus the cyclones! ;) Are you far from town?

  17. I love your backyard! After reading your post title, I was hoping to see a back yard as bad as mine or even worse just to make me feel better! lol. Your backyard is how I see mine in a couple of sore backs time!


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