Sunday, January 16, 2011

Heraklion, Crete

This was a beautiful place that had a lovely water front.  The weather was quite nice...about 10C I think. We don't seem to have many photos as the battery had ran out on my camera.  We did wander around the city area but couldn't find a lot of street signs so found it frustrating getting to places we would have liked to see.  However, instead we enjoyed doing some shopping and sitting and watching the world go by as we enjoyed coffee and food.  If Crete, ended up on a list I had to visit again, I would definitely be happy to explore some more.

Venetian Wall

Walkway out to the Venetian Fortress in the harbour of Heraklion.

Venetian Fortress...which we walked out to.

What an amazing sight we saw on the other side of the walk down to the Venetian Fortress.
This should be Mount Psiloritis.

How could I not take a photo.....aaaaawwwww!!

25th August Street ....filled with shops and banks.  
A place we found a few trinkets and some warm gloves and scarves.

Another cat. :-)
We sat and had the yummiest foods and drinks.  Hubby and son ordered pancakes and icecream - one each.  This was the hugest dish I have ever seen....sorry but my camera ran out of battery.  However, we do have it on video....but I have to figure out where it is and how to upload. So one day.

There is our home for this wonderful cruise.....huge, hey!

Yes, this harbour was very pretty, the water clear and the weather warmed up as we were all peeling off our layers.  We were just down to jeans and shirts this day.

Our daughters photo...just love the colours.

We did not always have plain sailing on this cruise.  We had two days that we could feel the ship move.   However, this day was one of the flattest we have seen ever.  The only other time I have seen water this flat was one day when we took our boat out with my friend Helen's son on board.  We headed to Michaelmas Cay....

I would love to be out in a smaller boat on water like this.  I know that Tina....would love a little more wind. :-)


  1. too awesome! love all the boats, and the church. and huge cruise ship, so mind boggling!

  2. Post card perfect, enjoying your photos so much Thank you for sharing.

  3. The boats, water and fortress look wonderful!

  4. Great photo's and I love the one of the kitty :)


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