Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One day at a time - Levanto, Italy

Our daughter's favourite car
Morning all, I have found time to sort through the photos and thought I would share one town a day.  Yes, I will be nice and only show you 10 from each place.  :-)  Our journey started Thursday 10 Dec 7.40pm Aussie Time.  Well actually, two hours before that as we had to drive to Mum's and Dad's so they could take us to the airport.  2 hours 5mins plane ride to Brisbane.  We had to catch a taxi from Domestic to International ... 5 min at the most trip $30. :-0  No buses available at that time of day.  Then it was a five hour wait before our plane took off at 2.45am Aussie time.  We flew to Singapore 7 hours 30 minutes and had a 45min stop over...brilliant to stretch those legs.  Back on the plane for another 7 hours and 20 mins.... oops make that 8hours and 20mins as we had to go around India as they were doing live missle trials.  We thought that a good plan. :-)  Arrived at Dubai airport 2.00pm.   Then back on the plane at 3.50pm and only 6 hours and 55 minute trip to Milan.  Arrived Milan 7.45pm.  Through customs and everything very quickly.  Had to wait for our bus transfer to Hotel Novetel.  Very nice place but didn't really take much notice as we were all sound asleep by 10pm.  Up the next morning 8ish, breakfast and back on the bus to the airport to catch a bus shuttle into Milan Central Train Station.  We saw snow by the side of the road the closest the kids have been to snow.  Milan station and wow, what a station..... beautiful and the people and their coats and boots...stunning.   On a train to Levanto.  The scenery was stunning.... more snow along the route.

Our daughter's favourite bike
We missed our Levanto stop and ended up at the next stop back on the train and back to Levanto.  This was meant to be as we got off the train so did the other family from Cairns that we were meeting up with that day.  :-)  So we all walked to Villa Margharita an absolutely lovely Bed and Breakfast that we all recommend run by the wonderful Federico and Paola.  After unloading everything, hugs, catch up as the other family had already been travelling Europe for a week.  We then put on our walking shoes to investigate Levanto.  A beautiful town that we shall if we ever have the money go back to visit.  As you can see by the first few photos we were taken by the very small vehicles of transport.  Well they are smaller than our Holden Commodore which would be average Aussie sized car.

These little cars were everywhere on the road....amazing the size of people that fit into them.

One of the decorated streets of Levanto

The beach area at sunset with the obligatory fisherman

Levanto beach front

Hillside of Levanto

Hillside from the train station of loved these little villages with their very own church and often fort/castle.  They were all through the hillsides of the Italy we saw.

Our bedroom at Villa Margharita

Now a story to share here and even though this happened I would without a doubt go back and stay at this lovely Bed and Breakfast.   On our last morning in Levanto I was in the bathroom packing things up ready to head off to Genova.  I had shut the sliding door and turned the latch as I wanted a little privacy.  All done and went to open the door and I heard a little clink.....suddenly realised that I could not open the door.  Instantly remembered there was not a window or another entry into this room.  Yes, I panicked.  Yelled at my daughter, who I knew thankfully was on the otherside to try and open it and she couldn't.   That is when I started hammering on the door to go get someone to open it.  'Who?' is the question......I don't care..... someone.   So a minute or later hubby is at the door....jiggling it and giving me suggestions to open it.  None of this worked.   So off they went to get the owner.   All the time I had to keep reminding myself it will be okay.....they can smash this door down if it had to come to that and that I would get out.  The owner came with his toolbox and he had a quick go.....but no he could not open the door.  Think calm thoughts, think calm thoughts.  So he has rung a friend so I had a little wait time.   Thankfully I had a toilet, running water and a tooth brush.  lol  I needed something to do so the 'free people' pushed some postcards under the door and a pen that I thought was going to jam but made it through.  I must say my friend was on the otherside too being very calming and reassuring. Managed to get two postcards written then the friend came along with a bigger toolbox.  More jiggling of the door and finally I was free.   Not sure how long I was in there probably only 15mins in total but hey they were long 15 minutes.
The kids room.  Kids had to share bed....something teenagers so love to do..... not!!  This is a photo of the bed the first morning our daughter has made the bed.....well her side of course. lol

Cinqui Terre tomorrow.


  1. Fantastic photos!! Glad you are sharing them! What a hairy story of being stuck in the bathroom.....don't think I'd have been so calm, Ruth x

  2. How awesome!!!

    Looks beautiful, and yeah I would freak if I couldn't get out of the bathroom either!!

    LOL @ your daughter only making her side of the bed!

  3. I love your photos Wendy. Keep them coming. I am going to enjoy reading and hearing about your holiday and the experiences that you had. Being locked in a bathroom is not my idea of fun. You did better than I would have.

  4. What a fun story! YOur trip is making me so excited about my trip to Europe in the spring!

  5. Awesome pictures!! That pink bike does look lovely!! Those cars are TINY hehe. I'm a little jealous looking at those lovely views!!
    Oh no... how scary for you getting locked in the room though!

    Happy New Year!!!

  6. Great photos. You daughter sounds like my husband if he is the first one oup he makes his side of the bed and won't come back to finishit whenI get up but if Iam the frist one up I make the whole bed. What is wrong with that picture? Looks like you had a great time.

  7. I like the photos, waiting to see the rest of the trip. Italy is so beautiful!!!
    Thank you so mucho for your comments, tell you that I always see you, although I don´t have time to leave so many comments as I would like to.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Mery. I wish you a very createful year. Ks

  8. Great photos! Oh I do love that you are writing about your travels! Thank you so much for sharing! Sorry to hear you got stuck in the bathroom....eep!

  9. Forgot to mention that I checked the recipe link and it seems to be working. Not sure why you got an error? But to answer your question it is cream cheese with sundried tomato, artichoke and pesto in the layers!

  10. Your trip sounds like so much fun,even getting stuck in the bathroom. When I was in my twenties I love Breakfast at Tiffany s, with Audrey Hepburn. So one evening I was in the bath tub in my apartment (lived alone too) taking a "bubble bath" lounging about before my date for the evening. For some dumb reason I stuck my big toe up the water spout and got it stuck there. To shorten the story I waited hours pounding on the wall until my date showed up and could hear me to get the manager. I was able to grab some towels and wrap myself up while they tried to remove my toe from the spigot. Finally they shot some lubricant up and I wiggled my toe loose. Needless to say I was totally embarrassed every time I saw the manager.He got a great laugh and a good story out of it. So.... can I go on your next trip to Italy! Ha! Sharon

  11. Oh wow Sharon, that would have been totally embarrassing and scary. I think we should holiday together....imagine the stories we could tell at the end. :-)

  12. Sounds like you've had a fabulous trip Wendy! We were in Cinque Terra exactly one year ago...did the same hike as YOU did!! Did you take the obligatory pictures on the "Via dell'Amore?" We also travelled to Rome. I'd re-visit Cinque Terra in a MINUTE!

  13. This looks and sounds so amazing already! Thanks for the glimpse into your Aussie life as well (the car reference, etc.)!

  14. Great photos and great story. You know,of course, no one in your family will ever let you forget the famous bathroom scene. LOL. Thanks for sharing your amazing trip.


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