Monday, January 24, 2011

Can you guess? Daughter's challenge.

My daughter and I spent a little time in the kitchen yesterday and she so loved the look of this she took a photo.  Now my DD said that I should post it on my blog and get people to guess what it is.
So here I am this morning with a challenge for all my followers. 

Can you tell us what is in this photo?

The first comment with the perfect guess or the nearest guess will win a couple of small stamps I have.

Good luck.

I will let you know the winner tomorrow sometime (25 January Aussie Time).  So this is just a quick quiz, a little fun. :-)


  1. morning Merry, is it apricots in some type of glaze/honey?

  2. I was going to say stewed peaches or apricots...or maybe a dessert? Whatever it is, it looks yummy!
    Alicia xx

  3. It certainly looks like some type of stewed, honey or glazed fruit. I was thinking maybe cumquats or lychees, whatever it is it sure looks yummy.

  4. Just visit my blog--I took this picture yesterday :)

    Best wishes ILo

  5. PS.: To me it looks like eggyolks.

  6. Hi Merry,Looks like peaches to me....xx

  7. Thank you for stopping by- the story is kind of sad, because we had to throw them away---right now we have a problem with Dioxin in the food of animals in Germany,so they might have been contaminated. Before it happened I took this foto on Thuersday. But they looked so beautiful

  8. Hi Merry

    I think you have nectarines in the pot with a syrup .Maybe a little cinnamon in too.

    Thank you for all your kind comments last year ,you have won the small prize I offered last week.I guess you still have my e-mail address -as soon as I have you address I will get the prize in the post.

    Have a great evening

  9. I'll say dumplings or doughnuts!

    But thinking it is peaches or nectarines or apricots since they are all in season right now!

  10. i am really guessing here. they look like apricot to me....


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