Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Malta - Valetta. A Photo around every corner

Valetta in Malta.....so loved this place.  I would love to get to the chance to visit Malta again and do some more investigating.  Seas were very blue, temperature warmer and amazing buildings, friendly people too.  Malta is very English as it only become independent of United Kingdom in 1964 and became a republic in 1974.

What a beautiful shoreline.

Our first real sighting of Christmas decorations.  Up until now it has mainly been fairy lights and as we were never in town of a night time never saw the sparkle.

Aren't these cranes amazing.

All the horses and carriages waiting our arrival.

Up a very steep hill and a lot of steps we get a view like this.

Just liked the hint of red in this photo.

Now if anyone knows my driving this is my style of parallel  parking.

Auberge de Castille constructed in 1574 as an in for the Knights of St John.  Now is the Office of the Prime Minister.

Republic Street a main shopping area.

More Christmas decorations.....It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

Our first sight of a Nativity scene which I thought strange since we have spent a lot of time Italy a very catholic country after all.

Sights that show that English is still very strong here.

Beautiful buildings everywhere.

I just loved the colour.

A view we spied.

Yes, churches here too......

Aren't the streets awesome.

Lots of hills but beautiful buildings.

We all fell in love with this bus.

Trust our daughter to spy the hanging teddy bear.


  1. OH more awesome photos, basically just repeat my last comment, so very cool and loving the buildings!

    LOL @ The bear!!!

  2. Just beautiful, Wendy, love the piccies, never been to Malta even though we were quite close. It looks so lovely and peaceful and totally based around the sea.

  3. Once again the photos you have chosen and the architecture, colours and landscape are amazing. I can understand why you would love to go back.The teddy bear hanging out to dry gives is a really loving family atmosphere. I love that bus too.

  4. Another round of great pics! The architecture is beautiful and that sure is one way to parallel park! LOL! Poor teddy bear!

  5. Never been to Malta and someone once put me off it-but from your pictures it looks lovely.

  6. Nice images.It’s wonderful.Thank you for sharing.In malta you also learn english. You learn a variety of Courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced.Thank you!

  7. More wonderful photos Merry! I still remember the red telephone and post boxes! Beautiful nativity scene. Poor Ted! Take CareX:) and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful holiday photos.


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