Sunday, January 23, 2011

Queensland Flood Fundraisers, Blog Candy, New Challenge Blog etc.

 Didn't want you to miss out on all the fun over at Cathy's Sewing Room.
Cathy has put these items that she has sewn up for auction to raise funds for the Queensland Floods.
So far she has raised an amazing $160.00
All money goes directly to the the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal
So if you have been thinking of donating this is a novel way as you receive a little something back for your generosity. 
Be quick though as bidding ENDs Tuesday, 25th January 9:00 AM(Adelaide time).

Click this image and you will find a list of other crafters who are doing the same thing.  Be sure to scroll down as the list is long.


Something else thats worth a mention.  Jenni over at Cardmadfairy Creations is starting up a new challenge blog called Cardmadfairy's Digi Days.  The first challenge will be 4th be sure to mark that on your calendar and be ready with all your Digital Stamp images.

To help celebrate this big launch Jenni has put up Blog Candy.  So all the followers of Cardmadfairy's Digi Days has a chance to win.  Winner randomly selected on the 4th February.

Oh and Jenni....draws the most amazing Digital Stamp Images and has some Valentine themed images available for 99p in her shop.  Hmmm....they may be handy for a challenge at sometime. ;-)


This weekend I have been paper piecing some of my stamps and digital stamps for a desk calendar.  I have really enjoyed this and hope to do it more often.  I have a question though for those that have more experience.  Do you use a special program when you are paper piece?  Do you print the entire image out each time on the different pieces of paper that you want to use for the image?   I I have pieces of paper I can't use because they have the remainder of the image on.  Seems a waste. 
Thanks for any help.

Edited:::: forgot to add that I have a Mac.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Happy Birthday to my little sister. :-)


  1. Hi Merry, I will give some thought to a suitable program for what you want - we might have something at work (we seem to have a lot of fantastic programs at work LOL). There's one in particular that might work... Otherwise perhaps you could just open the image in paint (or similar) and erase parts of the stamp (eg all parts except flesh, or everything but the dress...) save the different versions into a folder for next time. Worth a try? I'll check out the image program at work in the morning.

  2. Thank you so much for promoting my auctions and the QLD flood relief effort, Merry.
    Your actions are greatly appreciated. Cathy, xxx

  3. Sounds wonderful Lauren.....thanks for your troubles. :-) Not a problem Cathy....

  4. I insert the image in to word and print out the whole first image ,I crop aroung the bit I want to paper piece and print it out on patterned paper.

    thanks for sharing all your holiday piccies ,sounds like you would go on another cruise.

  5. Sorry I can't help ya with paper piecing...haven't tried it yet.


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