Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Milan...our last stop. :-)

Tram on the main street of Milan that we walked down from Centrale Train Station.

More of the same street...full of the most beautiful shops.

This is the Leonardo Da Vinci statue in La Scala Piazza.

This is why we walked for half hour or so in the freezing cold.  I had seen a photo of this on the internet before we left and thought if we had time this was a must see.  Next time I will research how far away things are.   This was worth all the the cold.
This is Duomo di Milano ..... Cathedral of Milan.

Isn't it stunning.
1386 construction was started.  Read more here on the amazing history of it's construction.  It seems to have been continually worked on over the many years.   The last gate was inaugrated 6th January, 1965. This date seems to be the very end date for all the work on the building.

This was a bonus surprise.....so stunning and huge.  Right next to the Cathedral is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II  this was built between 1865 and 1877.  This is filled with shops of high end fashion and yes McDonalds.

Isn't this a great shaped shop...  Tiffany's of course.

The side of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

195 metres long. 
This connects Piazza della Scala and Piazza del Duomo.

Following are more views and angles of these amazing structures.

I love the colour of this photo...almost brings this monument to life.
This a Monument of King Vittorio Emanuele II.

Now that brings us to the end of our photo journey.
Thanks so much for joining us.  I have had a wonderful time going through our photos and sharing special sights with you.   Just remember I have at least another 900 that you haven't seen. ;-)

Take care and I will now return with some crafting creations.

I hope.


  1. Oh wow, Wendy, Milan looks beautiful and your photos of it are just perfect. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us, I think everyone ahs really enjoyed it, I know I have :)

  2. Milan is fancy indeed!!!!

    how awesome, goroeus photos, thanks so much for sharing, its really like being there!!!

  3. Hi Jane

    Just a short visit to accomodate the wonky arm to say Hi and more great photos........you've got me counting the day's till August you know.

    B x

  4. I'd forgotten how much I love Italy -TYFS your photos and bringing it all back to me. I have never been to Milan though-I think it is on my list now I seen your photos. So lovely that you got to meet your penpal.

  5. wow Merry - so much eye candy - I have never been to Milan either - its on my Bucket List now I've seen your photos !! Thanks for your comments over on my blog, think I have returned now, I did no miss blogging :-) I am so sorry about all the flood problems - how sad for people to lose their lifes work and savings and even their lives in so short a time .....

  6. oh my gosh, your photos are just gorgeous Merry, one day I'll drag DH overseas... one day! ♥

  7. OMG WOW your photos are AMAZING!!! Maybe one day,I will get an overseas holiday!!

  8. Milan is on my list of must sees!! WOW! It looks great! That cathedral is breathtaking!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful vacation pictures!! Would love to see them all...maybe someday! :) By the way....asked hubby about going back to Italy every 5 years for our anniversary....he was not opposed to it! YAY! Fingers crossed!

  9. OMG! What amazing architecture!! How cool it would be to see it all in real life!
    Alicia xx

  10. Wonderful photos Merry! Stunning structures and statues, went to Milan many years ago but didn't see as much as you have thank you for sharing, now off to check out your other posts, popped in yesterday and got distracted with the auction lol! Take CareX:)


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