Saturday, January 8, 2011

Riomaggiore (we remembered)

The day we went to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa we decided instead of investigating Pisa anymore we would go back and check out Riomaggiore.  Which we missed at the start of our Cinque Terre walking trek.  So glad we did as friendly and colourful as the other villages we visited.  The fishermen were out having a meeting/chat/smoke.

A lot of these amazing photos are taken by our wonderful and talented daughter who turns 15 in just 4 days time.  These colours and collections were everywhere.   

Even a simple pair of yellow wellington boots looks stunning in this place. 

More of the buildings.

I love how the boats are attached in any way possible in the small area.

What an amazing coastline.....the sea was so calm and was like this for most of our journey.  We own a boat and the calmness of this water was so very very enticing to me.

My daughter and me. :-)

Yes, our daughter's eye again....aren't the colours just amazing.

Even more colourful artwork amongst the colourful buildings.  This open area is up an away from the main street down to the water.  Like a little hidey area for the locals.

More boats.

Laundry update:-  My friend Gracie seems to think that no one is really interested in my laundry.  ;-) lol So this will be my last post.  Deep down I know you will be sad.  Washing is up to date with just the daily pile waiting.  Ironing after three hours yesterday is now up to date.  Yay!!!  I know Lyn, I just can't help myself I have to iron. :-)

Take care everyone and have a wonderful Saturday.  It is sunny and warm this end.  A nice welcome home to the family who travelled with us.


  1. Your daughter has a good eye for taking pics! They are wonderful!
    I especially love the boots one! :)

  2. gorgeous photos!!!

    So awesome to see!

    lol , best of luck with that laundry!

  3. Lovely photos again. The balance of colour and subject is awesome. Those yellow boots have so much character and so has the pic of you and Melissa.
    Pleased it was you with all of that ironing and not me. The extent of my ironing is wash and wear LOL

  4. The photos are just great and your photography is awesome! Ruth x


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