Friday, January 14, 2011

Piraeus and Athens..... Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of our Athens visit.

This apparently is the richest street in Athens.   A place that if you would like to live there your name is given to your prospective neighbours and they decide if you can buy and move in.

This is some of the oldest gold ever found.

Frying Pan Vessels......something my hubby spied on one of his wanders away from Thanos.

Info on the above Frying Pan Vessels.

I actually did stand a listen for a little as Thanos told us about this statue.  Apparently a tribute to a young 20 year old boxer.  Now how do they know he was a boxer?  Because his hands are broken off the statue.  Yes, this has been done on purpose.  As they didn't have boxing gloves way back then and only used leather and cloth strappings on their hands they would often die from internal bleeding.  From breaking the bones in the wrist area which would puncture veins.  As they didn't have the medical knowledge we have now they had no idea why all the boxers were dying so young.

Another fantastic display that hubby found in his wanderings.   Wish I had seen this in real life.  Such amazing detail in the horse with all his muscles showing.

We spied this when we had our hour free time before joining the bus to go back to the ship.  I like the way hubby has captured the Acropolis view in the arch way.

As promised a closer view of this structure we spied from the Acropolis.

As you can see I am missing a lot of important names and info here.  Too much to take in and see in just a few hours.  Athens is definitely a place to return to.

Hoping your day has a smile.


  1. awesome art and love the acropolis, totally amazing trip!

  2. Love the gold!! And that is interesting about the boxer....we sure have come a long way!
    Such neat looking big pillar statues!

  3. It looks like you had a very nice trip! Thanks for visiting my blog tonight!
    Best wishes ILo

  4. Wow! What amazing photos you have taken!! I have enjoyed reading all about your adventures.
    Alicia xx


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