Monday, January 10, 2011

Genova the start and end of the cruise

On arrival at Genoa I really didn't think this place would offer much after all the colourful villages we had been seeing. Wrong!  This is the home to Christopher Columbus after all.  Genoa's harbouside is beautiful. There were wonderful building surprises around every corner.  This we saw out in the harbour later to discover it is a Biosfera/ greenhouse.  Apparently, houses tropical trees and birdlife, didn't need to take a closer look as we can see this in our backyard at home.

This a huge but amazing structure in the harbour which I thought had something to do with the aquarium ... wrong.  It is called the 'Bigo' very apt name (something to do with the 1992 Expo).  It raises a panoramic platform up 40 metres which apparently has amazing views of the harbour and city.  Will have to do that next time we are there. ;-)

This is one of those 'round the corner surprises'.  Walking along amongst everyday work crowd then round the corner and bang this is in front of you.  San Lorenzo Cathedral.

Took this photo for my friend Helen who loves to make cakes.  Plus they looked really yum!

There were holly bushes in pots as we were walking.  So pretty.  I have never seen holly in real life before but to me it is very very Christmassy.

On day one we had discovered a palace which we went back on day two to have a closer look. Sorry, but they would not let us take photos of the inside which was full of marble, granite, amazing paintings, everything covered in gold gilding.  
This place is called Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) from the 1820's the Palazzo was home to the Savoia (Savoy) dynasty.  Yes, the name rang a bell with me. :-)  Apparently, later became the monarchs of united Italy.  One area of the Palace is the hall of mirrors.... Galleria degli Specchi.  Again statues and paintings everywhere and mirrors.

This was part of a fantastic pebble mosaic around a fountain in a yard off the Palazzo Reale.  I am in awe that someone designed this and then I assume lots of people sat and placed these pebbles on their sides in the right places and that they are still here for us to see today.  I have suggested to the kids that this would look amazing on our next time they are bored...... :-)

The arty shot from our daughter.

Now imagine having a bath in this...brilliant.  This was just laying around out in the yard (courtyard).

We found food, other than pizza and pasta for a bit of a change.  Our daughter asked for hotdog and chips. It is the bottom right one.  I didn't look at the choices and assumed it would come separate.

No it is a hotdog with chips already on.  Apparently, it went down well although the chips were a little soggy from sitting on the hotdog.

Piazza De Ferrari Fountain.

Buildings that surround Piazza De Ferrari Fountain.

Porta Soprana (Sopranis Gate) was the entrance to the medieval city from the west after it was enclosed by walls in 1155 which were built to defend Genoa from Emperor  Barbarossa, Frederick I.

The small building in the park closest to the road is supposedly Christopher Columbus's house of his childhood.

Levanto had little three wheeled cars...... Genoa is full of scooters.  This is just one of the many parking lots in the city that we saw.....and there were cars too.

More scooters.

Part of Genoa skyline.

Stazione Marittima.... Port Cruise Terminal of Genoa.   I love the fountain here how they have used a huge propeller. 

No cruise ship yet.....but wait until tomorrow.

Meanwhile..... I will have a little fun.   Gotta love a swing.


  1. lovely pics, Merry
    thanks for sharing ;-)

  2. Fantastic photos!! Great to see you,too! Ruth x

  3. Oh wow, Wendy, such brillaint photos, I had to laugh at the hot dog though, that was funny. Those cakes looked super yummy and good on you for having a swing...I love swings. We collected holly and mistletoe just before Christmas to decorate pictures etc.

  4. wonderful photos and looks like you are having a fantastic time - thank you for sharing that with us.

  5. Genoa is beautiful!!!!!

    I really love your photos, that palace and cathedral is beautiful! As are all the buildings, I love those!

    And gotta love the food!

    have fun on the swing!

  6. Looks like another amazing place!! I so wish to go back to Italy!! And interesting choice your daughter made for eating! LOL!


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