Monday, May 18, 2009

Two Blog Awards

Cheryl from My Cardmaking Haven....was very nice and listed my name with these two awards. Thanks so much Cheryl.... sorry I have just been slow posting them here they are very much appreciated.
The first award was orignated by Kellie Winnell Kellie started this award to thank all of the people that follow and comment on your blog. What a wonderful idea. This should be passed on to be passed on to 5 people.

The second award is The Gift of Love Award. There are no specifics for this award you just need to give it to 5 people.
So here are my five people I would like to pass the award on to.... just to say thanks for visiting so often.
4. Ada


  1. thank you so much Merry - your support, both here and over on CraftMad, is greatly appreciated. I have lost count the number of times your cards have inspired me to try something new.
    now comes the hard part - picking 5 people to pass this on to! does it have to be only 5? ;-)

  2. Thanks again Merry. I learn so much from your blog and I really enjoy all of your cards. Sharon

  3. Hi Merry
    Thanks for popping by.... Honestly this blogging thing gets to me when I am frustrated but I just would be so sad without my blogging friends including you.....
    I love your blog. I'm glad I popped by I feel better now...;-}

  4. Thank you Merry, I just love seeing all your work!

  5. Tks Merry. I visit your blog, becasuse I like your work. Tks again!

  6. Hello Merry!!!Very good cards....

  7. Wow, thank you so much so much, what an honour! Your blog is very inspiring to me! I will post it today! Lots of hugs Nilla


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