Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kitten Happy Birthday (Craftrobo, Cuttlebug, Stickers)

This is a birthday card I made for my sister-in-law who loves cats. I used a blue for the base card. Cut the frame out using my craftrobo and then running it through the cuttlebug using the stylized flowers folder. I attached glitter paper to the back of the frame.....brilliant stuff as I didn't have glitter everywhere. Especially none on the tip of my nose that bugs me forever. I used watercolour pencils to colour the image on watercolour paper. Using this paper is a first for me and I think I need a bit more practice. Finished by adding the silver happy birthday sticker down the side with leftover sticker dots.


  1. I love the colors. You seem to have all the required tools. May I ask what a craftrobo is? I can't even imagine what it is.LOL Sharon

  2. Thanks Sharon...yes, I have been spoilt in the last couple of years. Mum and Dad gave me the cuttlebug and my husband gave me the craftrobo. The robo was a huge surprise I only said it to him as a joke. The craftrobo is a small electronic cutter that hooks up to your computer and virtually cuts any shape you design.

  3. So beautiful!!! Can you tell me where I can get a "craftrobo" and "cuttlebug".I don`t know what they are, maybe in Spain its difficult to get them. Can you post a photo of the machines...tks.


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